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Eco-Committee Minutes

Eco-Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 11th January 2018

Present: RR, GD, M-MD, OC, JD, MM, CL, J-LM, NM, SA, Mrs Swain, Mrs Brown





Welcome and Introductions



Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


Christmas fayre





Action Plan





Class Eco-Board





Any Other Business


Date and time of next meeting

Mrs Swain has sent a letter to a governor and sent an email inviting them to be on the committee but has had no reply so we will ask if there is another governor who can come instead.


No matters arising or covered in agenda anyway



We discussed how well our stall went. We sold donated toys and clothes and Christmas decorations we had made from recyclable waste. We also had a ‘ring toss’ game made from recyclable bottles that was really popular. We made £27 and need to think what we could spend this on.

We talked through the action plan and first review in detail and discussed what our priorities were for this half term. This half term we want to ‘follow a piece of litter’, allocate a piece of land for each class to be responsible for, make a class eco-board for each class and organise the recycling in school better.


We discussed in detail how we would like our class eco-board to look and what we needed to include on it. We will each make our own board next week.







Thursday 1st March 2018


LS to speak to governors







All to think of ideas to spend money on




Mrs Swain to make a plan of what we are doing for this half term’s eco-clubs



Mrs Swain to prepare resources for next eco-club to make class boards