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There are a lot of acronyms used in schools. If you have ever been confused what your child meant when they talked about KS1 or wondered what EYFS meant – hopefully this will help!


EAL - English as an Additional Language. Refers to children whose first language(s) is/are not English and who may not yet be speaking English fluently or even at all.

EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage. A framework of care and education of children from birth to five years of age. (Our FS1 & FS2 classes.)

FSM - Free School Meals. Pupils who are entitled to free school meals. The criteria for this has been set out by the local authority.

Genres - A type of text e.g. diary writing, non chronological reports, stories with a familiar setting.

ICT - Information Communication Technology. Refers to all resources and teaching related to Computing. Includes the use of laptops, digital media, software and so on. ​

KS1 - Key Stage One. Years 1 & 2.

KS2 - Key Stage Two. Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.

LA - Local Authority.   

NC - National Curriculum. A framework which sets out what pupils should be learning. Teachers plan and deliver lessons based on the National Curriculum.

MFL - Modern Foreign Languages. Refers to the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages such as French, German, Spanish. At Berry Hill, pupils learn French.

PE – Physical Education. Refers to the teaching of physical education, including games, athletics, gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor adventurous activity. 

PSHE – Personal, Social, Health Education. Lessons that focus on the personal, social and health education of pupils.

RE – Religious Education. The teaching of faiths and beliefs.

SATs – Statutory Assessment Tests. Assessments of pupils in reading, writing, maths and science carried out in Years 2 and 6. This is statutory and pupil results are submitted to the Local Authority. 

TA – Teaching Assistant. Teaching Assistants work to support pupils. They work alongside class teachers.