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Meet the team

Name: Michelle Tanner

Job Title: Chair person

Year Group: Year 6

Responsibilities: Everything from organising the Christmas fayre to stapling letters. Encouraging support from parents and carers.

Interesting Fact: I am a midwife, and I have delivered many children that attend Berry Hill School.

Name: Becca Krygier

Job Title: Vice-Chair Person

Responsibilities: To help where required and chair persons right hand lady.

Interesting Fact: I am a black belt second dan in Taekwando (although I no longer train).

Name: Lynn White

Job Title: PTFA Secretary

Year Group: Year 2

Responsibilities: Take notes at meetings. Type and forward minutes.

Interesting Fact: As a teacher I danced on the Q.E.2 with my dance school. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Admin.

Name: Alison Davies

Job Title: PTFA Treasurer

Year Group: Year 1 & 4

Responsibilities: Accounts and finance for the PTFA and secure requests from the school.

Interesting Fact: Professional Dance teacher and judge of freestyle dance, street dance and Rock 'n' Roll.

Name: Mrs Kendall

Job Title: Teacher

Year Group: Year 2

Responsibilities: PE Leader (staff development, curriculum & after school coaching, sport fixtures & festivals, sporting events e.g. sport relief, sports days), First Aider, PTFA representative and Netball club.

Interesting Fact: I got married in the church where it is believed that Robin Hood married Maid Marian!

Name: Mrs Smith

Job Title: Teaching Assistant

Year Group: Year 3

Responsibilities: Support children in years 5 & 6 classes with all aspects of their learning; Playground buddies; Organising golden time; Running Fun-fit and Go Getters club.

Interesting Fact: I really enjoy running, and I run between 15 and 25 kilometres each week depending on how much free time I have!