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A query has been raised via Parent Forum about how children are selected to take part in extracurricular activities in school and by providers off-site. Often a choice has to be made about which children take part. There are a number of ways in which children are selected to take part in these activities as appropriate to the event. This may take the form of the following:

  • Children selected by sports coaches
  • Pupil Premium children
  • Interest shown
  • Those attending a related club
  • Anonymous votes in class
  • Ability
  • Rotation of opportunities (registers kept)
  • Names in a hat

Please pop in and ask if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

Feedback from our October Parent Forum Meeting.

Agenda October 11th 2017

Next Parent Forum to be held on Wednesday 11th October 3.30-4.30pm. Please note, subsequent meetings will be held at different times of day following feedback at the last Parent Forum meeting.

Parent Forum Agenda Suggestions

Please send us suggestions regarding what you would like to place on the agenda for our next Parent Forum Meeting. Please note that you do not have to attend the meeting but can contribute suggestions and comments via this part of the website. We understand that many of our parents and carers have working hours that do not permit attendance; we value everyone's opinions and comments. If you do not have access to the internet to send in suggestions, please pass them to the school office directly. Thank you for your continued support.

Summer Parent Forum Feedback

Please find below the Agenda for Parent Forum May 22nd 2017. We look forward to seeing you there.

Confirmed date for next Parent Forum: Monday 22nd May 3.30pm in Class AQE.

Parent Forum Meeting 10th October.

Thanks you to those who attended. We shared our school values and discussed updates to the behaviour policy which will now incorporate information about our school ethos and restorative practice.

Communication Feedback March 2016

Parent Forum

Wednesday 3rd December 2015

Welcome and introductions.

Welcome pack including purpose, principles and outline of what Parent Forum is.


Discussions included:

  • Homework policy

Those attending felt that the children need to be set a variety of homework to appeal to different children for example; not always abacus, some paper maths work too, some problem solving.

Topic homework is enjoyed and supported by all. Can KS1 have optional creative homework too?

Homework needs to be set routinely and accessible via the internet.

Families without access need to be aware of how children can access the internet during the school day.


  • Communication

Ensure people without a computer know how to access information.


The form for text alerts was requested to be resent.


Parents/carers made positive comments about the recent alterations to the school website.

Reference was made to the website as a platform for information in the near future regarding curriculum coverage in each class.


Questions for consideration:

What is the best way to communicate?

Should we just use one means of communicating?

Should we only send paper copies of letters that require a response?

Is there a letters page that is always updated on class webpages?

Should we have a whole school letters section on the website?

Is it possible to have an opt out of paper copies form for parents/carers and reference was given to the fact that secondary schools only use digital communication unless a signature is required?


Parents/carers asking for regular reminders about general school rules for families upon entering the premises i.e. not smoking, dismounting scooters upon entering the playground, (is there a safe place to put them?), not bringing dogs into school even when carrying them as some children are afraid of dogs/allergic.


  • Sports

Parents would like the school to be involved in more interschool competitions i.e. swimming, football, cross-country.

Parents/carers voiced reasons for wanting competitions including opportunities for building resilience and teaching good sportsmanship. It was felt that this should be provided by the end of year 6 in preparation for secondary school.

Parents/carers would also like more opportunities for non-competitive interschool sports events so that children can build experiences and ‘have a go’.

Do the PTFA have funds for sports clubs that can be run by out of school providers?


  • Achievements out of school

Parents/carers would like to have a platform for celebrating out of school sports achievements that is visible. We discussed what format celebrating achievements could take. Ideas included a noticeboard or on newsletters.

  • KS1 clubs

Parents/carers feel there is a lack of extra-curricular clubs in KS1. Would any staff be willing to run craft clubs or recorders?


  • What do staff feel parents/carers could do to support?


  • Information concerning new assessment reporting

Will there be parents/carers information meetings regarding the reporting of new assessments and how they work as we move to assessing without levels?



Thank you to all who attended. This is your opportunity to be an involved member of our school community and make a real contribution. It is our ambition to run Parent Forum sessions at least termly and ideally half-termly. We value the discussions we have and as we agreed, if we don’t know your opinions we cannot act upon them.


Mrs Quant-Epps and Mrs Smith. 

Parent Forum Booklet

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As a group the Parent Forum decided to discuss any actions that have been taken at the next meeting and items can be put on the agenda via communication with the school either by paper or e-mail to Mrs. Quant-Epps.