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Welcome to the PTFA section!

A Big Thank You for all your help with the Penny Mile

smiley The PTFA will be available in the hall during Parent Teacher Meetings sessions if you would like to offer to help out at any up coming events. You don't have to sign up for any meetings, just let us know what you would like to do to help out. smiley

Come and help out with the Penny Mile

BERRY HILL PRIMARY                          PARENTS, TEACHERS &

SCHOOL & NURSERY.                           FRIENDS ASSOCIATION.


Formal Meeting - School Hall

1st November 2016 at 7pm



Welcome all Attendees & discuss the Minutes from last Meeting.

Treasurers Update & Review Recent Events.

Discussion on Future Events.

Any Other Business & Arrangement of Next Meeting.


2. ATTENDANCE NAMES:                                              APOLOGIES FROM:

Nicola Kendall                                                                      Amy Smith

Michelle Tanner                                                                   Richard Sharp

Natalja Sims                                                                          Sophie Sharp

Alison Davies                                                                       Jane Hammersley

Carol Green

Kate George

Lynn White




Welcome -

Michelle welcomed everyone and explained that although we would discuss other topics, priority needed to be given to the Christmas Fayre.


Update -

The School PTFA events that have been held so far, were discussed with Natalja giving us a financial update on the Penny Mile figures for this year, being higher in comparison to the last 2 years, as well as, a rise in the Non Uniform donations.

It was thought, that it would be beneficial to book the School Hall in advance, for the whole morning of the next Penny Mile.  This is yet to be considered by the Teachers, although it was agreeable with Nicola Kendall.

Ideas were considered to help improve “Non Uniform” days for the children by choosing a topic each time.   To try and avoid costly “Dress Up Character” days, the ideas included a “Denim Day”, “Black & White Day” or a “Mad or Messy Hair Day” which would be easier for parents as well!

The Committee also agreed that we should specify on a “Non Uniform Day” letter that the donations to wear no uniform go to the School PTFA.


School Request PTFA Funding-

School has asked the PTFA to fund a “Bus Trip Payment” to help with KS2’s “Free Cinema Trip”.

Pupils from Years 5 & 6 are considered old and responsible enough to walk the distance with authority but it is felt that Years 3 & 4, which includes a disabled pupil, would need to be driven down to the Cinema.

The Committee agreed this would be beneficial to these children but felt that a similar amount should be passed, later in the school year, to fund KS1 pupils.


The Christmas Fayre-

-To save on room space at the Fayre, it was decided that the Raffle would be drawn the week after (wc 12/12/16) by Miss Brown.  Winners will be contacted by phone and via the Website. The date to be confirmed.

-Carol is arranging the Raffle Tickets, in books of 4 at 25p each or £1 per book & ordering to allow for 2 Raffle Books per pupil.  These should be arriving in 2-3 weeks time.

-We have been offered 2 Classrooms for extra Christmas Fayre space but after discussion with Nicola Kendall, it was considered that it may be better to have 2 Classrooms next to the Hall as opposed to 1 being upstairs.  To be confirmed.

-It was decided that the “Craft Stalls” are more prone to being the “messy” stalls and this will have to be taken into account when the “Stall Plan” is being drawn - NOT in carpeted Classrooms!

-After speaking to Leigh Cree Tomlin, who is providing us with his Photo Booth, he has agreed that the School Library area will be ideal.

-Michelle has completed a list of suggested Christmas Stalls based on the favourite and most profitable stalls in the past, asking for opinions and who would like to “man” which stalls. To be confirmed.

-The cost of a suitably sized “Marquee” is still unknown and as yet no one has offered any further ideas.

Plus, we are still in need of finding a “Santa Outfit” so if anybody knows where one can be found, please let us know!

-The idea of “hot” drinks being on sale at the Fayre is still under discussion, as well as the “Mulled Wine”, which we will need to pay for a licence beforehand. 

-Kate has collected numerous prizes for the Raffle and has provided a long completed list, with only a few items yet to be confirmed.


The School Discos-

The dates for both have been booked for 23rd February and 25th May and a deposit has been paid for both dates.  Sophie will continue working on these, closer to the dates and after the Christmas Fayre.


Family Fridays-

Different ideas for these are still being considered due to the difficulty with being able to make it a “Tea/Coffee & Cake” stop after “Reading Morning”.  Other ideas included a 2:30pm “Meet Up” on Fridays with popcorn or lollipop sales at the School Gates.


Film Nights-

After Christmas, these are going to be looked into because although KS2 pupils have a “Film Club” which they do not pay for, there is nothing available for KS1 pupils.

A “Family Film Night”, perhaps £5 per family, might be the way to encourage the younger children to watch films with their parents and siblings.

The PTFA may be able to provide drinks and snacks or the families could bring their own, with the possibility of a Raffle providing “Free Tickets” towards the next “Family Film Night”.



Macmillan Coffee Mornings-

As a “Charity”, if the PTFA held a “Macmillan Coffee Morning” at or for the School, all the funds raised would have to be passed to them and although we would be prepared to do this, the PTFA is unsure of Miss Brown’s opinion. To be discussed further.



Other Business-

-Risley Fashion Outlet to come over to the School for a Fashion Show, would need 100-150 people to be involved.

-Cabaret Nights involving the School Choir with Family and Friends.

-Penalty Shoot Out Competitions involving Mansfield Town FC.

It was thought it would be worth placing these on our Friends Facebook Website, to gather thoughts and comments.


Next Meeting - Wed 16th November 6pm in the School Hall with the Christmas Fayre still being priority with finalising prices and setting the stall plan. To be confirmed with Miss Brown & Mr Dalman.

Next PTFA meeting Tuesday 1st November at 7pm

Berry Hill Primary School and Nursery- Parents, Teachers &

                                        Friends Association.


Annual General Meeting - School Hall

13th September 2016 at 7-9pm




Welcome all Attendees

Update on Previous Business & Structural Change

Discuss Treasurers Report & Event Overview

Election of Officers


2. ATTENDANCE NAMES:-                     APOLOGIES FROM:-

Miss S H Brown                                           Helen Ellis

Mrs A Quant-Epps                                       Collette Brady

Mrs N Kendall                                               Ginny Brown

Mrs A Smith                                                  Anne Oswin

Michelle Tanner                                           Sophie Sharp

Natalja Simms                                              Jenny Bradder

Jane Hammersley

Lynn White

Kate Garton

Carol Green

Kate George

Alison Davies




Welcome - The four previous committee members who were present along with the teachers Mrs Kendall, Mrs Smith & Mrs Quant-Epps all welcomed the attendees & Miss Brown to the AGM & first meeting of this school year.


Update - The previous school year events were discussed in relation to the last meetings minutes.

Natalja, as Treasurer, provided a detailed Financial Summary Statement showing an analysis of Income & Expenditure figures, as well as, a comparison on the most profitable events over the last school year.


Appointment of Committee - The previous Chairperson, Helen Ellis, although wanting to stay with the PTFA, no longer feels able to keep her role as Chairperson.

Following discussions, Michelle Tanner has taken on this role, on the understanding that, shes a busy lady who will need help from a good PTFA team!

The Vice Chairperson role was passed to Carol Green, who after years of PTFA experience will be able to offer important help & advice.

Natalja, has been voted in, to remain as Treasurer after her good work over the last couple of years! Kate Garton has be elected as Vice Treasurer.

Finally, being given the role to take the Minutes at the AGM, has led to my new role as Secretary, thankfully with Ginnys help & advice.


PTA Network News - Mrs Quant-Epps passed on information from Corina Brown on the date for the PTA Network Meeting, which will be 28th September 1:15pm at Wynndale School & that any Committee members are welcome to attend.

As the school now has 500 children present, it is felt that we would benefit from attending to gain a better knowledge of new ideas & on how to build the PTFA group within our school.   Possible Attendees are yet to be arranged.


School Logo ValueBerry Tree - Proposal passed to us from Mrs Quant-Epps was for an Artwork structure of a Value Berry Tree to be built by the children using carrier bags, based on the choice of one of four designs completed by a local artist.   The PTFA would need to supply funding for this to be completed & placed at the front of the school building.

We thought it was a great idea for the school & to pass the information on to parents perhaps online as well as by letter.


Penny Mile - This was a positive event for both the school, teachers & pupils with the way it was organised last year so we plan to do the same again on Tuesday 18th October this year.   We need to arrange for a number of helpers within the school day & ask for the teachers assistance with timing.   Date yet to be confirmed with Miss Brown.


Christmas Fair - Our first September meeting & a date for the Christmas Fair had to be mentioned & decided on, as its our[1]  most profitable event - Friday 2nd December was thought to be the best choice & just needs confirmation from Miss Brown.

Helen was nominated, in her absence, to be the organiser of the Christmas Artwork project due to her dealings with it last year.   Mrs Smith offered her help & assistance by continuing to get the children involved, making Christmas cards to sell on a stall at the Fair.

We need to discuss with Miss Brown, about making more space available for the Fair,  possibly being able to use more classrooms, as well as, getting a £21 Licence to be able to sell mulled wine to the adults!

Some members have already started asking & organising prizes towards the raffle!!!





Discos - Planning to arrange 2 Discos this school year, the first being, week commencing 20th Feb 2017 & the second, 22nd May 2017.

These dates are yet to be confirmed with Miss Brown & the DJ but Sophie Sharp is willing to organise this event.


Coffee Mornings - Idea was brought up to start arranging coffee mornings at the PTFA Cafeon Family Fridaysto try & get parents interested in getting to know the friendlyPTFA.   This was thought to be a good idea to improve our image, as well as an opportunity to help out some families by discreetly placing the Second Hand Uniformitems out to one side.   To be discussed further.


Refreshment & Cake Stands - To raise money & improve the PTFA reputation, it was thought that we could provide more refreshments & cake/snack stands at school events on the school grounds ie., Parents Evenings & Sports Days.   To be discussed further.


Friday Film Nights - An idea brought up to be considered further & discussed in more detail with committee members & teachers.


InformalMeeting Arranged - Tues 11th October at Browns Bar & Bistrofrom 9:10am for those who can attend after taking the children to school.

This will be to discuss & organise last minute Penny Mile issues & update on Christmas Fair events.


Next FormalMeeting - Tues 1st November 7-9pm in the School Hall but it is yet to be confirmed by Mr Dallman & Miss Brown.


Date for your diary.

PTFA  AGM Tuesday 13th September, 7pm start.