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Senior Leader Team

Name: Mrs Hill

Job Title: Headteacher

Responsibilities: Ensuring that Berry Hill Primary School unlocks each child's talent & fulfils their potential.

Interesting Fact: I can juggle.

Name: Mrs Quant-Epps

Job Title: Deputy Head Teacher

Year Group: Year 6


  I make sure all children are safe and learning every day in school. I take responsibility for the school when the Head Teacher is not on site.

Interesting Fact:  I love making my own bread (when I have time!). I also make cakes, jam, mincemeat and chutneys.

Name: Mrs Price

Job Title: Assistant Head, KS1 Leader

Year Group: Year 2

Responsibilities: KS1 Leader, Computing and English Leader.

Interesting Fact: I have the same birth date as my husband.

Name: Mr Bell

Job Title: Teacher

Year Group: Year 6

Responsibilities: KS2 Leader. Teaching and enhancing children's learning, planning lessons, assessing learning, improving the environment and making resources.

Name: Mrs Collins

Job Title: SENCO

Responsibilities: To co-ordinate the provision for SEN; support children in school.

Interesting Fact: I swam for Nottinghamshire and I love gardening.