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Year 2

Hello! Welcome to Year 2!

HOMEWORK UPDATE: We now have an email address for the children to email their electronic homework to their class teachers. Please make sure the email contains the child’s name and the name of their class teacher.

Don't forget to keeping checking the Class Newsletter page for any updates.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) Sports Day

Monday 3rd July 2017

What a wonderful sports day we had! J.

Thank you so much to all of the spectators who came along to watch the children. Your attendance and encouragement was much appreciated by all of the children.

A big thank you also goes to our year 6 children who helped to run the activities. They did a great job and we couldn’t have ran the event without them.

Finally well done to all of the year 1 and 2 children for their effort and behaviour all afternoon. You did a great job! J.

Congratulations to all of the teams and especially to those who went home with the bronze, silver and gold certificates!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Kendall J

Mrs Kendall’s Museum Visit

Monday 26th June 2017

What a great time at the museum we had!

On Monday, we set off on the bus to Mansfield Museum to take part in lots of exciting seaside activities. Our teacher for the day was called Geoff and he taught us lots about the seaside in the past.

Joel and Oliwia had fun getting dressed up in clothes that children would have worn to the beach, Ellie tried drinking seawater, Daniel tried on a joke hat and Riley really enjoyed eating his penny lick using no spoon! J

Cooper and Evie were excellent puppeteers, taking control of Punch and Judy and acting out the show with Geoff.

We played a fun game of ‘In the sea, on the sand’ and Oliwia and Quentin were our winners! We also enjoyed some gelatos and some free time to play games around the museum at lunch time.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed visiting the pier activities and spending our 5 pennies on dolly mixtures, dandelion and burdock, target throwing, souvenir photos, donkey rides, fortune telling, wind-up swimmers and wind-up dodgem cars!

Finally, we went through the ‘Shaky Shrimp’ and then Geoff showed us an activity to make portholes of under the sea which we’re going to make at school.

Thank you to Mr Moore, Mrs Marriott and Mrs Bartle for giving up their time and coming with us! J



Mike Bargh and Warren the Rabbit from Mansfield 103FM came to school just before the Easter holidays to interview five children - Evie, Poppy, Kyra, Connor, Danny. They described a secret item, which are clues to a competition that will be posed to listeners of the Breakfast Show week starting 12th June. Keep listening to Mansfield 103FM for the fantastic competition.

Spectacular Science Week 2017

The children have had a brilliant week getting stuck into Science! We learnt about energy and how we can save energy in our homes. Thank you to our visitors for a super morning!

Empties Please!

Used printer cartridge recycling

As part of our work towards our Eco-Schools award we are committed to reducing waste and recycling more, both in school and in our homes. The Eco-Committee has been looking at ways to do this and have decided to work with a company called ‘Empties Please’. They collect and recycle used ink and toner cartridges and will donate any money raised back to us.

It’s very simple. All we have to do is collect used ink cartridges and toner cartridges and put them into the collection bin, in one of the bags provided, which is situated in the reception area in school. ‘Empties Please’ will collect the bin when it is full and then donate the money raised back to school with a certificate to display showing how much we have raised through our recycling. We may also qualify for their Green Rewards scheme if we collect enough. You can collect cartridges from absolutely anywhere – school, work, home, clubs, friends and family. The more we can collect the better and as it takes up to 1000 years for a printer cartridge to decompose it is an environmentally friendly way for you to dispose of your printer cartridges whilst helping us at the same time!

Toners accepted: original branded Brother, Cannon, Dell and Epson toner cartridges

Ink cartridges accepted: original branded Cannon, HP, Lexmark and Samsung ink cartridges

Please make sure you put all cartridges in one of the bags provided before placing in the collection bin.

Thank you for your help.

A big well done to Mrs Price’s class for their brilliant assembly. They remembered their words and performed with super loud voices. You have all been busy learning about houses and homes in the past and have designed some fantastic rooms. You have created some fantastic collages all about looking after our world and we look forward to your science work on plants and growth.

Our Berry Hill Tree

We have had a fantastic time helping to piece together the final parts of the Berry Hill Tree.

A big well done to Mrs Kendall’s class on their brilliant assembly. All the children performed with loud and clear voices. You have all been very busy learning about the different types of houses and how they have changed over the years. We were all very impressed with your detailed sketches and your detailed timeline.  We can’t wait to see what you get up to next!

Spring 2017

Our topic for this half-term is Homes. We will be learning about homes from the past and how houses have changed in modern times. In Art, we will learn how to use pencil sketching techniques to carry out observational drawings of some Victorian artefacts. We are looking forward to designing and making our own model houses in DT, where we will be using a shoe box to create a room from a house. 


In English, we will be using lots of talk4writing to learn, retell and innovate stories. We will be reading The Faerys Gift before learning all about instruction writing towards the end of the half-term. Phonics, spelling and reading activities will continue to be really important in year 2. 


Our maths work will focus on lots of work around money. We will recognise coins and notes in British currency and how these can combine to make totals. Our additions will include 2 two-digit numbers as well as recording totals in £ and p. Finally, we will add totals and then work out change from a given amount. 

We had a visit from an artist on Tuesday 22nd November 2016.

She is making a piece of artwork for us to keep at our school. We went in small groups to work with her and we helped to make some leaves.

Have a look at some of our pictures, we were very busy!

We had a really good time for Children in Need 2016.

The theme was the big ‘Spotacular’ and lots of us turned up to school looking very spotty!

We wore lots of spotty clothes, accessories, face paints and donated our money to children who need our help. Some Pudsey Bear teddies joined us for the day too!

In class, we made our own Pudsey pictures, posters and split-pin Pudsey Bears. 

Have a look at a few of our pictures from Children in Need 2016.

Picture 1

We had a fantastic time on Tuesday 1st November when we dressed up for a special ‘Great Fire of London Day’.

Many of us dressed up like boys and girls from the time of The Great Fire in 1666 and our teachers joined in the fun too!

During the day we played games that children would have played during the 1600s and we used a net of a wooden house which we cut up, folded and glued together to make our own model of a wooden house from 1666 which we really enjoyed taking home to keep as a souvenir of our day.

In the afternoon, we worked in teams to turn cardboard boxes into rows of wooden houses which caught fire during The Great Fire of London. We covered the boxes with white paper, drew doors, windows and wooden decoration before using tissue paper to create the flames of the fire. Our models will be put on a display in the corridor outside our year 2 classrooms along with all of our work and photos about The Great Fire of London.

We also did some baking, making dough cakes from a recipe from 1666. We worked together to create the mixture, rolled it out and shaped it before leaving the dough to prove. It was then baked in our school kitchen and we got to take it home to eat, yum yum!

Finally, the highlight of our day was a visit from Partake Theatre Company where we got to act out The Great Fire of London. Steve (from the theatre company) told the story and played Samuel Pepys whilst Cooper played the role of King Charles II and Ellie played the part of the baker, Thomas Farriner. The rest of the class played the part of the people of London who had to escape their houses, helping to fetch the water from the River Thames to try and put the fire out before rowing boats away from the fire. We had so much fun acting, singing and dancing the story of The Great Fire of London.

Have a look at our photos from the day. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the day!

In DT we have designed and made healthy fruit smoothies. We carefully planned what we wanted our smoothies to look like and wrote our ingredients on a planning sheet. With some help from Miss Comery, Mrs Gascoigne and Miss Elliott, we were able to prepare our fruits, chop them and mix them in the blender to create a yummy smoothie. We poured them in a cup and enjoyed drinking them all up!

Have a look at a few of our smoothie making photographs.

Penny Mile!

A gigantic thank you to everyone who bought in pennies for our Penny Mile! We raised a very impressive £341.72!

Autumn 2016


Our topic for the first half term is Ourselves, covering families and our neighbourhood and keeping healthy. We are looking forward to designing and making fruit smoothies and learning about balanced diets and the importance of exercise.

In English this term our lessons will focus writing narratives and poetry linked to The Owl and The Pussy Cat and other poems and limericks by Edward Lear.

We will be sharing some fantastic texts to encourage reading for pleasure like Lila and the Secret of Rain, The Princess and White Bear King and Letters from Father Christmas.

Over the term we will be developing the children’s knowledge and understanding of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will be introducing spelling rules linked to Read Write Ink and we will also continue the phonics programme.

What a Dahlicious day!

Year 2 had a great time dressing up to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday!


We dressed up as his story characters or wore his favourite colour, yellow.


One activity which we enjoyed was finding out what our Roald Dahl character name would be!


We also enjoyed lots of his stories, made BFG wishes and designed our own chocolate bar for the chocolate factory, yum yum!


Have a look at our fab photos!