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Year 4

Hello! Welcome to Year 4!

HOMEWORK UPDATE: We now have an email address for the children to email their electronic homework to their class teachers. Please make sure the email contains the child’s name and the name of their class teacher.

Don't forget to keep checking the Class Newsletters page for any updates.


In DT the children have been learning about levers, pulleys and linkages. These pictures show the children designing and creating their own pulleys.



Children in year 4 created clay models to represent characters from Romeo and Juliet. The sculptures were displayed at the Old Library/ Mansfield Museum/ Palace Theatre, as part of the Emerge Festival.



Amazingly, year 4 stumbled across the hidden tomb and resting place of Cleopatra and all of her worldly possessions! What an extraordinary day at Berry Hill!


On Wednesday 14th February 2018 class 4JM/TD wowed audiences in their ‘awful’ Ancient Egyptians class assembly!


On Thursday 22nd March year 4 sketched a design for an Egyptian death mask, they created their designs using clay. We think the masks look fantastic and were proud of the gallery of talent!


We spent our berry time this week preparing for that very important day on Sunday 11th March, when we thank the special ladies in our lives, for doing such a good job!


At the end of the first spring half term the children in class 4JM/TD achieved their class target and earned their reward. They chose to make slime and had a great time.


During maths week some of the Royal Engineers kindly came into

the year 4 classes to support them with some STEM activities. A wonderful, fun and educational experience for all!


Year 4 worked hard, during their swimming sessions at the Rebecca Adlington centre and their hard work was rewarded, when they were awarded with the certificates they earned.


On Wednesday 28th February the children in class 4JM/TD enjoyed the Egyptian themed activities on our trip to Mansfield museum, until the snow unfortunately disrupted the day.


On Friday 9th March we celebrated World Book Day in school, which had been postponed by the snow. We looked fantastic in our costumes and enjoyed reading and book themed activities throughout the day.

We have applied what we have learnt in our Science lessons, about electrical circuits and switches, by designing and creating our own Christmas lights.

We supported the ‘Save the Children’ charity by making a donation, for wearing our Christmas jumpers (and best Christmas attire) to school on Friday 15th December 2017.

On Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December Year 4 (and the other year groups) wowed packed out audiences, with their performances in this year’s Christmas production of Superstar. Here are some pictures of the year 4 cast on stage.

Picture 1
Picture 2

We loved wearing our shepherd costumes in year 4, for the Christmas performances! No socks in sight!

We enjoyed making series circuits, in year 4, in our Science and DT lessons. We went on to make our own switches out of paper clips, split pins and foil.

On Friday 17th we donated money to wear our PJs to school for ‘Children in Need’!

As part of remembrance week and anti-bullying week the children in class 4 JM/TD painted and decorated some rocks with poppies and kind, inspirational messages. The children then hid the rocks around the school grounds for other children to find, spreading joy! These pictures show some of the hiding places the children chose!

On Wednesday 15th November, during anti-bullying week, the children in class 4 JM/TD wore odd socks to promote and embrace the idea that we are all the same, but we are also all different!

On Wednesday 8th November year 4 had a visitor, Mrs Riley, in school, who spoke to us about the young men who fought in WW1. The children were fascinated with her stories and research and asked some very poignant, thoughtful questions.

During Berry Time, the children in year 4 JM/TD have each painted a poppy on a rock, with a kind message on the back. We intend to hide these around school grounds, spreading inspirational happy messages to the other children, who are lucky enough to find one. This is one of the activities we have done as part of remembrance week and, also anti-bullying week, in school.


During the week commencing 30th October the children in year 4 did some Bonfire Night inspired activities, including some firework art using a dish washing brush. We discussed the effect that this common household item, but unusual art resource had. We have created a gallery of this artwork in the year 4 cloakroom, please do come and have a look!

Before studying the Chronicles of Narnia model text, the children estimated how much room an adult male lion would take up and drew this estimated space in chalk, on the playground.

In our States of Matter Science topic, we investigated how long it takes for a puddle to evaporate. The children predicted how long they thought it would take, then measured the perimeter of the puddles at regular intervals.

During our Yom Kippur themed Berry Time session we enjoyed creating model shofars from papier-mâché. We worked together effectively as a team afterwards to restore the classroom and we won tidy classroom award for our efforts!

Roald Dahl Day