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Year 5 & 6 Boys' Football

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Today the Year 5/6 Boys Football Team had their first fixture in the Dukeries league against Eastlands. The team had their new kits delivered and they looked the business! Would they bring us good luck?

The first half finished goalless. It was a very even game with a lot of the battles happening in midfield. Ethan battled hard to win possession and play in his wingers Sonny and Lincoln. Omari and Shea made a great partnership in defence and kept Eastlands from goal.

Berry Hill had a couple of chances put wide or over the bar. However, the best chance of the half went to Eastlands. They caught us on the counter and put in a great cross to find one of their players unmarked. Tyler pulled off a brilliant save with his foot to put it for a corner. A game changing save!

We started strong in the second half. We won a corner early on and it was delivered well. Their defence were unable to clear and Sonny poked the ball home for the opening goal and his first ever goal for school! Well done.

The confidence seemed to flow in the team from then on. Ethan was finding his passing range and Lincoln was showing his skills and putting in some magnificent crosses for great chances. Ashton ran hard at their defence and played some great through balls.

Eastlands kept fighting but Omari and Shea matched them. Oscar who made his debut also joined in the defence and made it just as strong. A solid performance from him. William was pushed onto the wing and he was pressing forward to support his strikers winning us a corner. He looked threatening as an attacker! Another great cross and Ethan, the captain, headed home.

Shortly after, Ashton won the ball in the centre of the pitch and played a great through ball to Gabriel who used his pace to get one on one and he smashed it home to make it 3-0.

Berry Hill dominated. Ashton played another ball wide for Gabriel who crossed it in and it took a deflection off a defender into their net. 4-0. Unfortunately Gabriel… that one is classed as an own goal! He did come close to his 2nd but he headed wide from a corner.

A solid performance from the team today and started with a perfect record in this league.

Man of the Match: Omari

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Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The Year 5/6 Boys attended a football competition this afternoon as part of the School Games. There were a total of 7 teams all trying to win this competition so they could represent Mansfield in the next round.

This was the first football match for the boy’s team and it showed as unfortunately they lost their first game. After the game, we had a good team talk and Ethan was determined to lead by example as captain.

That is exactly what he started doing. In the next fixture, Ethan dominated in midfield and lead by example. The team followed and we took control. Ashton showed off some great skill and scored some great goals. It was a comfortable win.

The next fixture was very tough but it was the birthday boy, Josh, who got us the 3 points with a fantastic free kick! Ollie came on at the back with Shea and Omari to protect Tyler in goal. Tyler produced an amazing double save to help us clench the 3 points.

The next game was just as tense. We had chance after chance but could not finish our chances. Gabriel worked hard to create opportunities but was unlucky not to get his goal. With the last chance of the game Ashton got free and beat the keeper one on one! 3 points!

The boy’s confidence was high and Ben was showing it with his enthusiasm! He was putting the tackles in and providing great through balls for the attackers. Lincoln got in on the action and showed off his step overs and got himself a goal with a header. Another win!


It all came down to the last game. We only needed a draw to win! However, we were beaten on the last game. The team gave everything. Unlucky boys.

The boys had a great tournament. They came away with smiles on their faces and not only that but with a silver medal! Second place! Well done. The team are looking forward to their upcoming fixtures.

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Thursday 14th June 2018 

Today was the quarter final of the Samuel Barlow Cup. We were drawn against King Edwin Primary School. 

The game was even throughout. The children from both teams gave it everything and it was very entertaining and very tense for the audience. 

Berry Hill actually took the lead after super sub – Jacob came on and scored his first goal for school. Well done. Kamran was making some great saves in net. He was coming off his line to narrow the angles and put the pressure on the attackers. Unfortunately, King Edwin scored a goal just before half time. 

1-1 at the break. 

Both teams came out again giving it 100%. Charlie was non-stop running up and down the pitch to attack and help defend. He did a fantastic job. He had a super strike from distance but the keeper pulled off a great save. Harry made an outstanding tackle, however the referee saw it as a free kick! From the free kick, King Edwin scored! 2-1. 

The game was even and neither side could score. There were 5 minutes left and we decided to leave Harry at the back on his own so we could play an extra attacker. King Edwin pushed forward and we caught them on the break. Jake made an amazing pass to Josh to leave him one on one! He shot but the keeper got a hand on it and the ball rolled towards the goal line! A defender cleared the ball off the line! Parents shouted goal! However, the referee waved play on! Another decision not given our way! 

We kept up the pressure, Campbell worked so hard to get the ball for the team and we managed to create some chances but we could not find that equaliser. The final whistle blew and we were out of the Samuel Barlow cup. 

However, the team were fantastic. They gave it everything. The team had come a long way from when they first started! They looked a team. Well done. 

Man of the Match: Harry. He was excellent in defence. He kept making those important tackles and getting stuck in. Harry you were brilliant.

Friday 20th April 2018

Year 5/6 Football – Dukeries League

The Year 5/6 boys had their rematch against Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy in the Dukeries competition. Last time we met we managed to win 3-2! Will it be just as tense this time?

Berry Hill started very well! They dominated possession and played some great football. The midfield and strikers linked up well to beat defenders to have chances on goal. However we could not find the back of the net!

Ashton kept up a high intensity and kept winning possession back for us. Ethan delivered some brilliant balls into the box for chances at goal. Charlie was solid in centre midfield and played some great balls for the wingers to run on to.

However, Bilsthorpe capitalised on our missed chances and broke. Their quick striker beat our defenders and finished their first shot on goal. 1-0.

It wasn’t long after until they broke again and finished their chance. 2-0.

Berry Hill did not give up though. Substitutions were flowing as it was very hot and the boys were giving it everything. Bilsthorpe broke again but this time Alfie made a brilliant save! That was a big turning point in the game. Joshua picked up the loose ball and broke down the pitch to win us a corner which he took. What a corner it was and Gabriel managed to get on the end of it and score! 2-1!

Berry Hill however conceded again not long after! 3-1. Half time! The boys were still in the game and they were up for the challenge. All we had to do was finish our chances and be cautious of their quick striker.

Ollie, Sonny and Campbell did exactly that in defence. They did not let the striker have any chances! They were solid and played some fantastic balls down the wings for Joshua and Ashton to use their pace to counter. We were dominating again but the difference was that Gabriel was finishing his chances! He scored a great goal for his second. 3-2.

Joshua kept crossing in some dangerous balls from corners! He was like David Beckham! There was Ashton to score! 3-3. Even though Charlie hasn’t been on the score sheet on the last couple of games he has played a vital part by providing assists and he set up Gabriel for his hat trick! 4-3!


Not long after, Ollie and Sonny joined in on the fun and were getting down the wings and had chances. However it was Joshua who had a great shot on goal and scored. 5-3.

The game was approaching a close but Bilsthorpe managed to get past our defence and score! 5-4. 2 minutes left.

Bilsthorpe gave it everything and managed to get themselves one on one with Alfie with one minute to go! Alfie pulled a magnificent save off! He caught the ball and ran straight to the edge of the area and threw it to Ethan! Ethan ran from the edge of our box to theirs! He skipped past a number of players and had a thunderous strike on goal and made it 6-4! The final whistle blew! What a victory!

What a comeback! The boys were excellent. Mr Jenkins and Mr Wright wanted to say a massive well done to Charlie P. He was back in the team and proved a massive point. He never stopped running and made some very important tackles to prevent their strikers from scoring. He gave it everything and was a real character in the team!

Another win! We are looking forward to the next fixture!

Result: 6-4 Berry Hill

Man of the Match: Charlie P

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Wednesday 28th March 2018

Year 5/6 Football – Dukeries League

The Year 5/6 boys were due to play Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy in the Dukeries competition. After our defeat last week we needed a response!

The game was very even for the first 5 minutes. Both teams struggled to get into a flow and get some passes going as they were often short or intercepted. However, we eventually found our feet and we started to put on the pressure. Ethan made some confident runs through the centre, dribbling past a couple of opposition players and then passed wide to Ashton who had a shot on goal but was deflected for a corner. From the corner Ashton managed to get a foot on it and put it into the net to put Berry Hill in the lead.

Bilsthorpe came right back at us! They had some quick strikers who knocked the ball long and chased. They were physically strong and our players found it hard to dispossess them. The rest of the half it became a tight squeeze, which was a surprise because the pitch was huge!

At half time we discussed the fact that the wingers needed to stay wide to stretch the game to create space. We also ate rocky bars and Jaffa Cakes to boost our energy levels. The team had been giving 100 per cent!

Joshua and Charlie Sn stayed wide and created width. Charlie Sm found he had more space in the centre and could run at players and he played some fantastic balls to the strikers and wingers. However, after a clearance, Bilsthorpe found themselves on the break and from a tough angle managed to get the ball into the net off the post.

The game quickly turned around and Bilsthrope were on top. Campbell was forced off, injured, so Ethan had to step in defence with Ollie. They did a brilliant job! They took their time on the ball, instead of just hoofing the ball and they spread the ball wide to the wingers. Joshua and Sonny used their pace to get down the lines!

Charlie Sm did an excellent job in the centre and made some crucial interceptions and, from there, played a great through ball to Gabriel who was one on one! He took his time and then smashed it into the back of the net!

Shortly after Ollie won the ball in defence and played a pass to Charlie Sm, who then turned, skipped round a player and played another through ball to Gabriel who was one on one again! He smashed the ball into the net again!

You would not believe this….but shortly after, it happened again! Gabriel one on one with the keeper for his hat trick and…… SAVEEEEE! The keeper denied him of his hat trick!

Berry Hill was playing some lovely football, great one, two passes. It was great to watch and they never stopped running. Bilsthorpe created chances but Kamran made some excellent saves!

Eventually Bilsthorpe grabbed a second! 3-2! 5 minutes to go. This was going to be tense. However, the boys did not stop. Campbell came back on and Ollie pushed to the wing who loved a bit of freedom to run at players and did amazing!

Bilsthopre caught us on the break with 2 minutes to go and found themselves one on one with Kamran. Kamran came charging out….. SAVE! He tipped it round the post! What a save! The Berry Hill boys and parents were all cheering! Sonny was throwing his body on the line and Ethan was making some crucial slide tackles. Joshua and Ashton were non-stop up and down the pitch!

The final whistle blew! 3-2 win for Berry Hill. What a game! The effort was brilliant by all the players and the football was great! We are looking forward to the rematch after the holidays.

Result: 3 – 2 Berry Hill

Man of the Match: Ollie and Kamran!

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Friday 23rd March 2018


Year 5/6 Football – Dukeries competition


Today was the 2nd fixture against Parkgate Academy. Last time we played Parkgate Academy, in November, it was a dramatic 1-1 draw. Would today be the same or would one get the 3 points?


It has been a while since our last game and you could tell as the Berry Hill boys were slow to start. Parkgate pounced on this and got an early goal! Parkgate seemed really up for the game and tackled strong against our boys and most of the time won the 50/50 tackles. Berry Hill were on the back foot. Campbell and William were very busy for the first 10 minutes but they were trying their best and making some very important tackles. Alfie was kept on his toes with a few shots but again he was determined to keep it to one. However, the pressure became too much and a midfield player played a super pass to put their striker one on one, who finished his chance. 2-0.


Berry Hill shook themselves up and started to play. Substitutions came on and the game started to become more even. Tackles were being made in midfield and we attacked. We managed to get a few shots at goal but off target. We were forced to push up since we were behind and Campbell had a shot from distance which was going for the top corner, parents were already celebrating when watching the direction, but the keeper made a magnificent save to tip it onto the bar!

Half Time 2-0. We had a good chat and reflected on our performance and we all agreed we needed to step it up!

That is exactly what Berry Hill did in the second half. Charlie became more positive and ran at defenders with great skill and was able to get some dangerous crosses into the box. We were unable to finish but we kept up the pressure. Ashton was given a great ball by Ethan, who was tripped in the box… Penalty. Ethan stepped up but the keeper saved. Ethan went for the rebound and from an awkward angle curled the ball into the top corner. Great finish! 2-1. A well-deserved goal.


Sonny and Joshua started to sprint down the wings and put in some great tackles, we were fighting for that second goal. We had shots from distance which the keeper could not keep hold of and Gabriel was there for the rebound but hit it over the bar! It was so tense. The pressure kept coming but eventually Parkgate countered and found themselves outnumbering our defence and again finished their chance.

Shortly after they had a corner. They had great movement in the box and the ball found a Parkgate head which thundered into the net. We dropped a defender to play an extra attacker to see if we could close the gap. Alfie did a great job with the chances they got. He quickly grabbed the ball and long kicked it down the pitch. The Berry Hill boys created more and more chances but we couldn’t hit the target! Over, wide, or we made too many passes which gave time for defenders to block the goal!


The final whistle blew. 4-1 to Parkgate. The boys performed much better in the second half. If we were able to finish our chances, the score line would have been very much in our favour. However, we go again on Wednesday against Bilsthorpe.


Man of the Match: Ethan Hardy

Friday 2nd February 2018


Year 5/6 Virtual Football League away to Abbey Primary School


There was much excitement ahead of this fixture as our brand new football kit had arrived on the morning of the game! The boys couldn’t wait to choose their numbers and get kitted up, ready to play their best with the Berry Hill badge upon their chests. Shea, Callum and Alfie were all looking forward to making their debuts for the school team and with Mr Wright absent through illness, Mr Jenkins was also making his debut as Caretaker Manager with Mrs Kendall as his assistant.


It was a bright and sunny afternoon when the referee blew his whistle to start the game and our team started off well, keeping the ball and having some good attacking opportunities which were cheered on by our many travelling spectators. With some good runs down the wing, we were creating chances and putting Abbey under pressure causing them to concede a corner. Joshua stepped up to swing a beautifully curved ball into the box which had so much curve that it turned into the nearside top corner and was fumbled by the goalkeeper…1 nil to Berry Hill!


Our goal made Abbey step up their game and they kept coming at us with some good runs and a fast pace which our defenders, particularly Campbell coped with in a calm and confident manner. Unfortunately, as we were attacking, Abbey broke and ran through at speed to score with a great shot. 1-1.


From that goal, Abbey were on top and kept control of the ball with our team working hard to challenge and earn it back but then came another goal, 2-1. At 2-1, Abbey attacked again and there was a brilliant save off the line by both our goalkeeper Alfie and our defender, Sonny. Abbey piled on the pressure and pushed for the goal scoring to make it 3-1 and then 4-1. Ashton wasn’t going to give up easily though and he chased a lost ball to go one on one with the keeper, forcing him to make a good save. Joshua and Sonny continued with good runs down the wings before a crunching tackle on Ethan in midfield. He bravely got up to play on before the half-time whistle blew.


Mr Jenkins’ team talk was positive and he told the boys to go out and win the second half. Abbey were quick off their starting blocks and scored straight away to make it 5-1 but Ashton was soon to grab one back for Berry Hill, scoring with a great goal to make it 5-2. This was quickly followed by a great burst from Charlie who took a look at goal before hitting a super strike into the top right-hand corner, 5-3 and Berry Hill were back in the game!


Unfortunately, Ethan, who had been playing so well in midfield, was involved in another challenge and this time had to come off with a badly injured knee. Abbey took their chances to make it 6-3, 7-3, 8-3 and finally 9-3. It could’ve been more but for some good saves by Alfie. Ashton had another fast run through from his own half to hit a brilliant shot which was tipped over by their goalkeeper and out for a corner. Sonny also ended the game well with a good effort on goal which sadly, went inches wide.


Abbey were definitely the strongest team that we have faced so far and were deserved of their win but our boys battled hard and gave it their all. It’s a tough defeat to take but we’ll come back stronger and learn from it for our next game. Hopefully now our new kit has been worn in, we’ll get back to winning ways! Well done boys for a hard-working match!


Result: 9-3 to Abbey.

Man of the Match voted for by Abbey: Alfie

Friday 17th November 2017

Year 5/6 Football – Virtual League 

It was the second fixture of the Virtual League competition against St Edmunds and we were coming into this match with confidence as we had a fantastic win last week. The match was played on Astroturf which can make it tricky if you are not used to how the surface plays. So a slight advantage to the home team. 

It took the players time to adapt to the surface as it was slippery and quick.  Once Berry Hill had found their feet, we started to dominate. Ethan worked hard to win the ball in the centre of the pitch and followed up with perfect through balls for our wingers Joshua and Finley. These boys were not shy to run at the defenders and pass or cross the ball to Charlie who had efforts blocked. The opposition had a defender who was like a wall and challenged for everything! He was magnificent. To make it even more difficult, their goalkeeper was exceptional (who we voted man of the match).  

But we had a solid defence of our own. William and Campbell committed to challenges and often beat the strikes to the ball. Well done. Campbell went on an attack of his own and managed to win a free kick on the edge of their area. Campbell, the captain, took the responsibility and stepped up. He shot with power and the keeper had no chance. What a strike! 1-0. 

Not long after, Ethan had a strike from a distance and it was just over! Another super effort. He is getting closer to his first goal for school. We gained another free-kick on the edge of the area. Charlie wanted this. Another great strike, but the keeper managed to tip it onto the bar and go for a corner. 

From a Berry Hill attack, St Edmunds cleared the ball and caught us on the break. It was a 3 on 1 chance and they took it. 1-1 at half time.  

The second half started and St Edmunds played more direct. The goal keeper had a huge kick on him. He kicked it and it bounced just before our defence and the bounce went over our defenders where their striker was waiting. However, Kamran came off his line to put pressure on him and forced the shot wide. Believe it or not, this happened again a couple minutes later. Berry Hill was on the back foot! 

However, the midfield really stepped it up a gear. Sonny was making some big tackles in midfield. Very big tackles! Then running at defenders. It was exciting to watch. Ashton matched this and was consistently running up and down the

right hand side to attack and defend. He was quick and made it hard for their defenders. He had a couple of chances but could not beat their keeper. 

Harry had never played defence before but he gave it a go for the team. He made some excellent tackles and was calm and collective when he won the ball and consistently put the pressure back on to the home team. 

There was 5 minutes left on the clock and Ethan played the ball down the left hand side where Joshua beat a player to put a cross in. Ashton met the cross and had a shot but was blocked… by a HAND! PENALTY! The captain again, took responsibility. He placed the ball on the spot and waited patiently for the whistle to blow. Campbell stepped up and drove the ball hard into the roof of the goal! There was an enormous roar from the crowd and the Berry Hill players. 2-1.

Berry Hill fought hard for the last 5 minutes and managed to hold out! Another win for the team! A great game. Entertaining, tense and stressful but a great game. 

Undefeated in 3 games. 

Result: 2 – 1 Berry Hill 

Man Of the Match: Sonny 

Friday 10th November 2017

Year 5/6 Football – Virtual League Competition

The Year 5/6 football team played their first game in the Virtual League football competition at Forest Town Primary School. It was another brilliant game but the difference this time was that we came back to Berry Hill with the 3 points. Well done!

There were some fresh new faces this week in the team and they all gave it their best. Mr Jenkins and I could not have asked for more from the players. The team chemistry was amazing. The teamwork and support was excellent.

We started off as the stronger team and had chance after chance. Charlie Sm held the ball up well to play in the wingers, Finley and Charlie Sn who whipped in the crosses but unfortunately we could not put them away.

When they cleared the ball, Ethan was quick to intercept to put the opposition under pressure again. We eventually passed around their defence which left Finley one on one with the keeper and he took chance. He placed it perfectly into the corner! 1-0.

Forest Town reacted and started to put the pressure on us but Ollie and Campbell were like a wall and let nothing past. This resulted in shots from distance. However, Alfie was outstanding and pulled out some brilliant saves. Although, the Forest Town striker finally found the back of the net with a superb strike from distance which was unstoppable. 1-1 at half time.

Forest Town started the second half well, but Charlie P was everywhere, making it hard for their attackers. Forest Town had a clear chance after some good link up play and scored. 2-1. The match was even for the next 10 minutes and we had some good chances but we could not put the chances away!

There were 5 minutes left and Campbell the captain, who had been outstanding all game, was left in defence on his own so we could play with an extra attacker. Campbell was put under pressure but won the ball and played it down the line which was then crossed in, and waiting back post was Finley who controlled the ball and then smashed it into the net 2-2.

In the last two minutes of the match we had a corner. Charlie Sn and Ethan had been putting in great crosses all game but again Forest Town cleared and caught us on the break. One pass played in their striker and they were one on one with Alfie. Alfie came running off his line to put pressure on the strike and…SAVE! It was really tense. Campbell cleared up and hit the ball away. Charlie Sm controlled the ball and turned on the edge of their area. The whistle was about to go when Charlie Sm took a shot and… GOAL! 3-2. There was an enormous cheer from the crowd!

Forest Town kicked off and the whistle blew for full time. An outstanding effort from the team. The team went over to the crowd after the team talk at the end and received a massive round of applause from them. They deserved it. Well done!

Result: 3-2 Berry Hill

Man of the Match: Campbell.


Friday 3rd November 2017

Year 5/6 Football – Dukeries competition

The Year 5/6 football team played their first Dukeries league fixture today. It was a fantastic game to start the competition!

We played Parkgate Academy and they were a very tough opponent. The teams were even and it was end to end action. It was a very tense game but so exciting for the audience who came out in their numbers.

In the first ten minutes of the game, the opposition struggled to get out of their own half and we dominated possession, although we lacked shots on goal. Parkgate started to come back into the game but Campbell (the captain) and William stopped them in their tracks.

However, we made a couple of substitutions with Sonny, Ashton and Jacob coming on and with those fresh legs and determination we again dominated. At the end of the 1st half it was even 0-0.

The second half started and Parkgate came out strong and worked the ball well to score. 1-0. Parkgate showed confidence and kept up with the pressure and had some one on one chances with our goalie Kamran. However, Kamran was brilliant and denied chance after chance and kept Berry Hill in the game.

It was the last couple of minutes of the game, and we decided to play Campbell in defence on his own so we could play an extra attacker. Ethan never stopped all game and continued to win the ball and play our strikers in. There were some magnificent link ups between Joshua, Ashton and Sonny. The crowd were shouting ‘SHOOT, SHOOT!’ and Charlie took on the responsibility and had a shot from distance and finally we beat the keeper to make it 1-1.

Not long after and the final whistle went. The game finished all square 1-1.

A brilliant performance from the team, real spirit and determination. The parents, carers, Mr Jenkins and I were so proud of them and gave them a massive round of applause.

Parkgate were a fantastic team, great sportsmanship and hosted really well! Thank you for the biscuits!

Man of the Match = Kamran (Goalkeeper)

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