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13th July 2020

Topic - Summer time -  Picnics

Introduce the topic by talking about experiences of picnics.

Discuss packing up a picnic and healthy foods.

Watch and discuss the events as a three year old enjoys his first picnic.



Story of the Week - Peppa Pig's Picnic


  • Plan a picnic of your own.- make a list of items - talk about, listen for initial sounds in the words eg s- strawberries, b - bread, w- water.  Practise writing the initial sounds. 
  • Discuss healthy food choices.
  • Follow recipe cards to make items for your picnic
  • Take photographs for a memory box. (Retell your picnic experience using your photos) 
  • Role play - Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Make Play dough food - use numbers in play ie count amount of food, share food, eat and take away, add more food, count items together. 
  • Cut and create a healthy picnic box.
  • Develop pencil skills by colouring pictures and following mazes. 
  • Develop listening skills eg Play what have i got in the picnic bag? Put surprise items in the bag.  Give clues to guess the items eg - rustle the bag - child guesses 'crisps'.  In my bag I have something beginning with b (banana) etc
  • Play a memory game - Put selection of items on picnic blanket. Cover eyes - take an item away.  What is missing? Make it more fun with a character eg Hungry Magpie that takes food away. Extend to count and use number and problem solve.  eg I had 10 grapes but now only have 8 - how many were taken away? 

Additional texts, videos and songs to support this week's topic.