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15th June 2020

Our Topic this term was 'Summer Time' yet the weather has recently changed so we've decided to shuffle our learning around whilst we wait for the sun to return. 

This week we will take a look at a traditional story.

Traditional Stories

We often teach a new traditional story each half term. We explain to the children that they are very old stories that are re-told and the stories you hear are often slightly different.

The story and the song below provide opportunities to discuss similarities and differences in stories.


Story of the Week - The Three Little Pigs

Activities and resources to select from:

When listening to the story:

  • Discuss who the main characters are
  • Describe the setting.
  • Discuss the sequence of events and predict/recall what happens next.
  • Describe how the characters are feeling and why.
  • Recall what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. 

Additional Activities:

  • Sequence the story (Resources)
  • Make puppets and retell using repetitive phrases (Resources)
  • I spy - counting worksheet to 10 or 20 (Resources)
  • Little Pig addition (Resources)
  • Practise pencil control patterns (Resources)
  • Make character masks (Resources)
  • Use materials and characters to create a small word in a tray, shallow box or tough spot (Image in Resources)
  • Additional craft ideas eg paper mashe pigs, 3D characters, paper plate masks (Images in Resources)
  • Colouring Sheets (Resources)
  • Split pin characters (Resources)
  • Make Dough and use with Dough mats (Resources)