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18th May 2020

This folder is also available on our Class 1 Teams, where you can share ideas, activities and say Hello! to friends and teachers. 

Traditional Stories

To end a school term we often have a Traditional Tale.

We explain to the children that they are very old stories that are re-told and the stories you hear are often slightly different.

The book and the song below provide opportunities to discuss similarities and differences in stories.

The Little Red Hen provides opportunities to discuss how being considerate and helping can make you and others feel. 

Points for discussion:

  • Should the animals have any of the bread? 
  • How could they be a better friend? 
  • Would you share the bread/corn cakes? 
  • Are there times when you have helped someone?
  • Are here times when someone has helped you? 
  • How does helping make you and others feel ? 


Book of The Week - The Little Red Hen


You might like to try some of the suggested activities linked to our story.

There are resources to support activities below. 

  • Name and talk about the characters in the story.
  • Discuss whether the animals should have helped the hen and why.
  • Sequence and retell the story. (You could use the story map or sequencing cards in Resources).
  • Make puppets to support retelling.  Maybe, create a puppet theatre.
  • Use craft materials to make characters, props or collage pictures (See ideas in Resources).
  • Make your own small world farm yard.  (See ideas in Resources).
  • Make dough, bake bread or pizza.
  • I spy, count, spot and record the number of animals.  
  • A challenge - Using different 2D shapes can you make the animals. eg, A hen could be made from circles, ovals, triangles, rectangles etc 
  • Colour and draw pictures from the story
  • Cut and assemble split pin characters.
Note - The printable pictures can often be reduced in size and certain pages selected to reduce the amount of paper and ink.