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1st June 2020

This folder is also available on our Class 1 Teams, where you can share ideas, activities and say Hello! to friends and teachers.

TOPIC Summertime

Within the topic nursery children discuss and explore 'summertime.' 

Each week an additional aspect of summer will be incorporated into the topic including: Colours of Summer, Sun, Water, Seaside and Outdoor Living.

Our 'Book of The Week' and a bank of suggested activities and resources will be added to our web page and 'Class 1 Teams' weekly.

There is no expectation for you to work with your child on this topic.  These ideas and resources are for you to select from should you choose to. 



Book of The Week - Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee

Activities :

Before listening to the story, look at the front cover and discuss what you can see.

Ask how do we know it's summer? 

Talk about experiences of summer and how they differ from other seasons.

Ideas to support sharing the story.

Show the title and discuss the difference between day time and night time.

  • Listen to the story Summer Days & Nights. 

Focus on the first half of the story.

  • Mute the sound and re read - listening for and beginning to join in with the rhyming words.
  • Recall the day time events ie walk in the meadow, catching butterflies, sipping lemonade, splashing in the paddling pool, hide and seek, picnic in the park and back home in the car.
  • Role play - Act out the sequence of the day time events.
  • Recall the insects and flowers from the story.
  • Look at all bright colours of summer.

Focus on the second half of the story.

  • Mute the sound and re read - listen for and begin to join in with the rhyming words.
  • Recall the events.
  • Discuss how they could see at night and the colours at night time. 
  • Recall the animals that she heard and saw.
  • Discuss how she was she feeling in the story?

Follow up Activities:

  • Take part in the day time activities as in the story.
  • Make ice cold lemonade.
  • Find an oak tree, look at the wobbly leaves. Find out why oak trees are important eg how they provide shelter from the sun and home to animals etc. Make oak leaf prints. 
  • Create collage or paint pictures of the meadow. (Ideas in Resources)
  • Use craft materials to make flowers and insects. (Ideas in Resources)
  • Play summer 'I Spy'. Counting and recording what you see. (Work sheet in Resources)
  • Play hide and see eg use a teddy.  Can you describe where he was hiding using behind, between, in front etc ?
  • Create a summer colour chart (Different colours of paper, or paint) then see what you can find outdoors to match your colours. Which did you find most of?  Are they all the same shade? Maybe you could mix shades of paint to match what you found. 
  • Help to make a picnic for a picnic in the park.
  • Draw a story map of the events.  Use a long piece of paper eg reverse of wallpaper, recall, draw and colour together maybe you could add a few labels ? Think about the sounds in words especially the initial sound eg a- ants, s - splash, sip, b - butterfly, bee etc 
  • Re look at the pictures in the story and play 'I Spy' using initial sounds/ phonemes. 
  • Spot 'tricky words' in the story especially I, to, no, go, the, into. 
  • Design a sunhat. (See Resources)
  • Summertime dot to dots. (See resources)
  • Flower colouring pictures (See Resources)
  • Use the ten fame and counters to create different ways of making 10 eg 4 sunflowers + 6 butterflies = 10. (see Resources)
  • A flower hunt (See Resources)