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22nd June 2020

Topic - Summer Time

This week our focus is Water


Introduce the topic using a bowl of water.

Use your senses to find out about the water in the bowl? How many descriptive words can you use? 

Discuss water and pose questions eg:

  • Where do we find water?
  • Where does water come from?
  • Is water important?
  • What do we use water for?

Having a globe to show the water and land would be useful too.



Rhyme of the Week - Incy Wincy Spider


Incy Wincy Spider - Supporting Activities:

  • Discuss how the spider was feeling in the video and how the weather makes you feel.
  • Make props and explain in simple terms the simple water cycle, with a sunshine, cloud, rain drops and a puddle.
  • Make props to support singing and acting out the rhyme  eg rain shakers (explore sound by filling different shaped containers with a range of resources eg lentils, rice krispies, dried peas etc) and making Incy Wincy Spiders. (See Resources)

Additional water Activities:

Introduce Ice :

  • Use senses to describe ice - How many descriptive words can you use.  
  • Make ice in different shaped containers and explore how water changes from solid to liquid and back again. 
  • Ice balloons - fill large balloons with water & freeze - explore how the texture changes as you rub salt into ice. Predict what happens when putting the ice into a large bucket of water. Drip food colouring onto the textured ice balloons or add colouring to the water prior to freezing.

Rainy Day Water Activities: 

  • Find out about the rain by watching video link 'Come Outside - A rainy Day'.  (See Resources)
  • Go on a Rainy Day Walk - What clothes would you wear and why.  Talk about the materials. Observe, discuss and become curious - Look at colour of the sky, talk about the clouds, look at the flow of water from the guttering, down pipes and into the drains - Wonder - Where does the water go to once it is in the drain ?  Jump in puddles and use descriptive words. Describe the rainy walk makes you feel. Listen to the rain on your umbrella. Watch the circles form as the rain falls into puddles and streams.  Ask and discuss - Is rain important? Why?
  • Watch though the window - describe the rain on the windowpane, bouncing on the road, dripping from the trees. Wonder where the animals go when it rains. You see more of some animals after the rain eg snails - can you find any? 
  • Make umbrella icing sugar paintings. (See Resources)
  • Colour or design your own umbrella (See Resources)

Sunny Day Water Activities:

  • Sinking & floating - sorting objects that sink or float.
  • Use recycled materials to make boats.
  • Water the plants
  • Paddling pool - keeping cool in the sun.
  • Discuss staying safe in water. 
  • Making water ways and water mazes using bottles and pipes. (Image in Resources)
  • Painting with bucket of water and paint brushes.
  • Use funnels, bottles, jugs and explore the capacity of different containers. Measure how much water containers hold. Begin to record which holds most/ least.  Predict how many cups to half fill/ fill.