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4th May 2020

Topic - Mini Beast

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well.  We are missing you in school so it was wonderful to hear from you, look at your pictures and watch your videos.  Thank you!


Remember, if you would like to share anything, ask questions or just say hello you can find all the teachers by emailing  We always look forward to hearing from you.

You can also share your news, activities, videos and pictures on our BHPS twitter. There are lots of things to view on twitter (go to the bottom of the website - homepage and click twitter). Find out what others are up to, there's even a video of the teachers saying hello. 


Soon, we are going to be using a new platform to make communicating easier for everyone.

The details will be sent to you early this weeksmiley.


This week - carry on with your mini beast search. Think about where you find mini beast, become curious and ask questions and try to find answers:

  • Are woodlice under pots and old logs? I wonder why? 
  • Early in the morning snails and slugs are often in the garden. Why are they up early?  Do you see more when it's been raining or when the sun is shinning? I wonder where they are when we can't see them?
  • Dig down into the soil. Are there any mini beast?  What colour are they, what is their skin like? Why are they under the ground? 
  • A brown moth was found on the tree trunk and a dark green grass hopper was in the green grass. It was hard for me to find them.  I wonder why they were there?


  • Look at the place where you found mini beast. You could take photos and begin your own album of 'Where to find Mini Beast'.
  • You could collect logs, stones, leaves and make your own bugs home.  See how many you can attract. See the videos below for some ideas.



Book of the Week - Superworm by Julia Donaldson

Activities - you might like to try some of these activities.

  • Look through the book and discuss the characters. How many characters are there? How are the characters feeling in the story?
  • Join in with the chant. Super worm is super long. Super worm is super strong...
  • Paint, draw or make your favourite characters.
  • Make a magic flower.  What spells would you make?
  • Use tights to make your own superworm (see the photo for ideas).
  •  Use dough and dough mats and roll dough worms. Measure them, use vocabulary longer, shorter, thicker, thinner.
  • Dig for worms, use your senses to describe what they look like and how they feel.
  • Become curious - Ask questions eg Can worms smell? Can they see? What do they eat? How do they move?
  • Make your own wormery.
  • Find out facts about worms.
  • Boil spaghetti for a few minutes to soften it - make a bowl of slippery worms - use your senses - close your eyes and put your hand in. What about feeling them squelch between your toes? How many descriptive words can you use?
  • Sing songs about worms, add actions and move like the worm.
  • Make worm game - cut lots wool/ string worms of different sizes - put on a tray. Then, using a clothes peg how many can you pick up and put in a pot before time runs out.  Which is the longest, shortest? Have a worm catching competition.