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6th July 2020

Topic - This week we are continuing with learning about the Ocean and introducing The Seaside.

Books to support Leaning. Click the links below to listen to the stories.

Activities to support learning:

The Rainbow Fish

  • Discuss the setting and the characters in the story.
  • Discuss how the characters felt throughout the story and how sharing made the characters feel.
  • Use sequencing cards and retell the story.
  • Paint/ collage your own fish.

What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside

  • Look at the front cover and discuss what the story could be about
  • Where is the setting? Who are the characters? Count how many characters you can see.
  • Have you heard stories about Ladybirds before?
  • Listen to the story. Discuss the events and whether the characters were making good choices.  eg Why shouldn't the men cut off the mermaids hair ? Should the sea animals forgive the two men? Could you think of an alternative, happier ending? Maybe the Mermaid could explain to the men how she felt?  
  • Paint a pebble to make your own ladybird.
  • Take your ladybird on a listening walk.  What can it hear?

Kipper - The Seaside

  • Discuss prior knowledge of the seaside and any previous experiences.
  • Refer to your senses eg Smells of the seaside - fishy air, chips, sun lotion, Sounds - seagulls, waves, families talking, What might you taste - salty air, sea water, seaside foods - crabs, chips, fish, ice creams ... Feel - cold water, warm sunshine, sea breeze, damp sand, clingy seaweed, sharp shells, bumpy pebbles etc Ho to you feel - eg excited, happy, relaxed etc See - buckets, spades, sand castles deckchairs, kites, parasols, shells, crabs...
  • Watch Kipper - The seaside. Discuss the setting The Beach and the sun, sea, sand.
  • What will Kipper do at the seaside?
  • What is tiger carrying - Can you spot any of the items you'd previously thought of ?
  • Discuss new vocabulary eg tide, base camp, hermit crab 
  • Explore items that sink and float.
  • Colour seaside pictures.
  • Create a cut and stick seaside scene.
  • Count the seasides objects.