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8th June 2020

If you are new to this term's topic. Please see last week's story and ideas for topic activities.

This week we are extending our topic 'Summertime'  to find out about 'The Sun'. 

Song of The Week - Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun


  • Listen to Mr Sun Song. 
  • Add actions and perform the song.
  • Introduce instruments to your performance.
  • Use props such as sunshine wands (ideas in resources)
  • Make a paper plate or hand print sunshine (ideas in resources)
  • Bake sunshine cup cakes (ideas in resources)
  • Make a sunshine card and send it to make someone feel happy. (idea in resources)
  • Read (Listen) to the song - Book The Sun is my Favourite Star (see resources)
  • Find facts about the sun. 
  • Discuss; What the sun is need for ? eg light, heat, to make plants grow, keep us healthy, dry clothes...
  • Become curious and discuss; Where is the sun at night time?
  • Find, chase and draw around shadows.
  • Make shadow puppets
  • Discuss staying safe in the sun. Why do we wear sun lotion, drink water, stay in the shade, wear sun hats, sun glasses etc.  Make a picture or poster about staying safe in the sun.


Listen to the story/ song The Sun is My Favourite Star