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Autumn 2

Autumn term 2 - week commencing 9.11.20


There is no formal homework this week but here some things you and your child could have a go at.


* Name writing - ask your child to write their name and talk about how they would spell it and write it down.

* Simple addition - ask your child to work out a simple sum e.g. '2 + 3 =' You could use objects to allow your child to represent the sum physically.

* Learning and recognising the 'teen' numbers. If your child is able to count confidently to 10 and recognise the numerals, have a go at counting to 20. Ask children to point to the numeral of the number they are saying.

Autumn term 2 - Week beginning 2.11.20


There is no formal homework this week but there are some things children could have a go at whilst they are at home.


* Recognising and reading their name. If your child can read their first name, move on to their second name. 

* Encourage children to become independent putting on and taking off their coat. Including doing their zip up!

* Ask your child to continue a repeating shape pattern e.g. circle, square, circle, square...

* 1 more and 1 less. Ask your child to work out 1 more and 1 less than a given number. You could use household items to work out the answer e.g. 'I have 2 forks, what is 1 more than 2?' your child could then add 1 more fork and count how many there are in total. 

Autumn term 2 - Week beginning 16.11.20


Thank you to those of you who are reading the phonics book regularly at home; it is having a big impact on the children's reading ability. 


There is no formal homework this week other than to practise the phonics, handwriting and maths activities provided in the parents evening pack.