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Class 10 & 11


Welcome to Class 10 and 11

Year 4


Class 10 - Mrs Davis

Class 11 - Mrs Jones & Mrs Durham 

TAs - Miss Elliott, Mr Jenkins and Mr Salter



We are delighted to be welcoming all of the children back to school as we start

our journey in year 4 together. 


Keep checking our class page for updates and our twitter account for

regular updates on our learning journey through year 4.


Find out what we're learning about this term by clicking on our Project icon 

Autumn Term

Explore Project


Over the Autumn term we will be focusing on our geography based explore project with the big question, 'Where is the best place on Earth?' We will follow in the tracks of the fictional character Phileas Fogg who travelled around the world in 80 days and research the geographical location and physical features of each country he visited on the way