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Class 10 & 11


Welcome to Class 10 and 11

Year 4


Class 10 - Mrs Davis

Class 11 - Mrs Jones & Mrs Durham 

TAs - Mr Jenkins & Miss Elliott



We are delighted to be welcoming all of the children back to school as we start

our journey in year 4 together. 


Keep checking our class page and our twitter account for

regular updates on our learning journey through year 4.


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Autumn Term

Explore Project


Over the Autumn term we will be focusing on our geography based explore project with the big question, 'Where is the best place on Earth?' We will follow in the tracks of the fictional character Phileas Fogg who travelled around the world in 80 days and research the geographical location and physical features of each country he visited on the way

Look at our amazing non-chronological reports on the rainforest!!!

On Friday 27th November we had a virtual visit with author and poet Stephen Pass enjoying snippets of his book Madge the Mermaid and a selection of his poems. What a fantastic experience!!!

On Thursday 26th November we had a virtual visit from Susan an atmospheric dispersion scientist who works at the MET office. She spoke to us about the impact of volcanoes on aviation and showed us how to do a volcanic ash forecast!

On Wednesday 25th November we had a visit from Penny, a geoscientist who spoke to us about possibilities and careers in Earth Sciences.

Friendship Friday was a great way to end Anti-bullying week. We discussed what traits we look for in a friend, decided what friends should and shouldn't do and wrote a set of friendship rules.

16.11.20 - 20.11.20 Road Safety Week - Year 4 produced some fantastic leaflets to remind themselves and others about the main points in the Green Cross Code to help each other stay safe while crossing the road.

We were delighted to have a virtual visit from author Satinder Chohan. She adapted the story The Girl of Ink and Stars into a script, which was used to create the amazing audio drama, which we have been enjoying in class. She has certainly inspired some of our own up and coming writers!

In year 4 we were fortunate enough to get involved with a really exciting CBeebies project. The children were asked to watch and appraise the pilot for two new potential shows! This experience enabled the children to consider the possibilities of working in television and film. Fantastic!

16.11.20 - 19.11.20 Anti-bullying Week - To kickstart the week we all wore oddsocks to school in celebration of Oddsocks Day and to promote being proud of being different! We also used a concept cartoon to explore the roles that people take in bullying scenarios and considered the part that we can all play to stop bullying once and for all by being united against bullying!

Children in Need and wear blue for wellbeing - We asked the children 'What is wellbeing?' They struck a pose to show us what they think good and poor wellbeing looks like.

In our science lessons this half term we have taken part in the Young Citizens EXXpedition project to explore the impact that plastic pollution is having on our oceans, to help solve the pollution crisis and educate people on why we need laws to protect the environment.

Our first RE Day was a huge success! We explored what people believe with a focus on the five pillars of Islam. The children were really interested, learned a lot and produced some fabulous work!

During WW1 the land was blasted and bombed, previously beautiful landscapes became bleak and barren. There was however an amazingly striking contrast, thousands of bright red poppies. These resilient flowers flourished in the middle of the chaos. We produced a piece of multimedia art in year 4 to portray this poignant image.

We had a fantastic virtual visit from the actors who play the characters Pablo and Isabela in The Girls of Ink and Stars audio drama. The children listened brilliantly and asked some really fantastic questions! Some of the children have decided that acting, directing and sound engineering are definitely possibilities which they are interested in!

We see some future writing career possibilities in year 4! Well done to the children who had their work featured in the very first Inspired to Write Berry Hill magazine!

In maths. the children in Classes 10 and 11 were actively engaged with learning about Roman Numerals and enjoyed this hands on activity...

A huge congratulations to the year 4 children selected for hot chocolate with the head on Friday 9th October, it was well deserved and much enjoyed...

The year 4 children considered what mental health looks like and created their striking interpretations of good and poor mental health to raise awareness