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Class 12 & 13


Welcome to Class 12 & 13

Year 5

Class 12 – Miss McIntyre –

Class 13 - Miss Benson –

TAs - Mrs Colley

The children have started their journey into year 5 well and are very excited about all the amazing things we have planned. Keep checking our class page for updates and our twitter account for regular updates on our learning journey through year 5.

Summer Term- Create Project


Will it always be possible to invent something new?

Spring Term- Explore Project


If we don't look after the Earth, who will?

Explore project placemat

Learning about food miles

How have ideas about the Solar System changed over time?

Learning about phases of the Moon

Making Palm crosses

Using fraction walls to find equivalent fractions

Times Tables Superstars

Learning about 3D sketching with our visitor Laura Alvarez

World Book Day

Red Nose Day 2022

British Science Week

Awesome Achievements

Autumn Term- Discover Project


Should everyone in society have an equal voice?


During the Autumn term, children  in Year 5 will be asked the Big Question; 'Should everyone in society have an equal Voice?' 


They will be learning about the Ancient Greeks during this History based project. The Ancient Greeks introduced democracy, however women, slaves and foreigners weren't allowed to vote in any decision making. We'll discuss what democracy is, how it works today and whether we feel the Greeks did have a democracy or not. They will discuss terms such as equality and fairness.


As well as this, the children will learn about Greek theatre, myths and legends. We will learn to be Historians by asking questions and looking at artefacts and replicas. We will study time lines and use Geography skills to determine exactly where Greece is. We will learn about Greek Gods and Goddesses, and also read the book 'Who Let the Gods out?' (It's really funny)


In Autumn Term 2, Year 5 will learn all about the Ancient Greek Olympics, comparing the games then to the modern Olympics. We will also learn about the Spartan army and Greek fashion. 


Finally, children will be asked to show off their History skills by researching information and artefacts on a certain aspect of Greek History. Will they be able to put their new learnt skills to practice independently?


We hope you enjoy the pictures we post, the project placemat created and all the learning we do in class. We look forward to seeing your creative project homework too!

Amazing achievements!

Learning to play the Ukelele

Creating World History timelines

Learning binary code

Super Scientists

Anti-bullying pledges

TTRS Battle of the Bands

Rembrance Day 2021

Odd Socks Day

Children in Need Berry Hill Bake Off

Learning to be website designers

Drumming workshop


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

It's the most wonderful time of the year!