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Class 4 & 5


Welcome to Class 4 & 5

Year 1

Class 4 – Miss Hedges -

Class 5 - Miss Senior -

The children have started their journey into year 1 well and are very excited about all the amazing things we have planned. Keep checking our class page for updates and our twitter account for regular updates on our learning journey through year 1.

Summer Term

Explore Project

Over the Summer term, we will be focusing on our Explore project, 'Are we always on a journey?'. We will become explorers and research our local area, starting with Berry Hill Primary School and expanding further out to develop our Geography skills of the United Kingdom.

We will be basing our writing on, 'The Secret of Black Rock' by Joe Todd Stanton. We are looking forward to producing some wonderful writing and artwork based on this project.



Spring Term

Discover Project


Over the Spring term, we will be focusing on our discover project, 'What is once upon a time?'. We will be delving into the past to develop our history skills. We will be exploring the fascinating world of toys to see how they have changed over the years. We will be basing our writing on, ' Major Glad, Major Dizzy' by Jan Oke. Have you got a favourite toy? We will be talking to our family members to discuss how things have changed. This links closely to our science unit this half term, different materials. We will be learning about different materials, and how they help to make toys.

During our toys topic we have learnt about toys from 1870, 1960-1970 and 2020. From the 1870s we  have made a thaumatrope and a cup and ball. We played on the bagatelle and with soldier skittles as well as looking at other toys from the Victorian period. We learnt that toys were made from wood, metal and pot as plastic had not been invented. We then watched Magic Grandad and went back in time to the 1960s and the 1970s. We discovered toys were made from plastic and lego had been invented. We learnt that technology was very different to today. We looked at a stereoscope that Miss Hedges’s dad had when he was a little boy. We put toys and pictures on a timeline to show what we had learnt. 

Autumn Term

Create Project

Over the Autumn Term, we will be focusing on our Create Project, ‘Do We See Beauty In Different Ways?’. We will be exploring the four different seasons, and how the weather and plants are affected by these. As our project develops, we will be answering lots of questions generated by the children. We will be working closely with Mrs Maker to create a variety of artwork inspired by nature.

Our English text, ‘The Last Wolf’ by Mini Grey will support learning about our environment and why it is important to protect trees and animals. Little Red starts a campaign to save the trees, we will be helping Little Red by planting more trees on our school grounds.


As part of our transition into Year 1, we have been learning about The Colour Monster and his feelings. This inspired us to create our own monsters including foaming monsters that we loved exploding in the playground!


Crazy Creatures

This half term, we have been learning how to program a bee-bot. We know bee-bots need precise instructions to move. Also, we know which directions the bee-bots can move, and how to program it to stop at different points on a bee-bot mat. We have challenged ourselves further by designing bee-bot mats for our friends to complete.

Religious Education



This term we are learning about Jewish and Christian celebrations. 

Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New Year.

Maths Races and Ordinal Numbers

We raced hot wheels cars and placed them using ordinal numbers up to 10th place.