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Class 4 & 5

Hello! Welcome to Class 4 & 5

year 1!

Class 4 - Mrs Tranter

Class 5 - Mrs Snowden/Miss Carby

TA's - Mrs Radford (am) and Mrs Burton-Wallace (Mon&Tues)

The children have started their journey into year 1 well and are very excited about all the amazing things we have planned. Keep checking our class page for updates and our twitter account for regular updates on our learning journey through year 1.

Find out what we're learning about this term by clicking on our Project icon smiley

Christmas Concert letter to Parents/Carers

Welcome to Year 1 Parent Meeting

Year 1 PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor).

Please tie long hair back and remove any jewellery.


We advise that PE kits are brought into school at the start of each term and then sent home on the last day of half term to be washed.


PE kits should include an indoor and outdoor kit

Indoor: white or blue t-shirt, black shorts, pumps

Outdoor: White or blue t-shirt, joggers, jumper/jacket and trainers.

Spring 2

What is Once Upon a Time?

This half term, we are going to travel back in time to find the answer to 'What is Once Upon a Time?'.

The children shared what they knew already about the question and came up with lots of questions to help them find out more (please find in the project folder).

The children have made a great start to their question by creating some amazing homework on their own once upon a time timeline of their journey from birth to present day!

Pop into class to see their work displayed over the next few weeks and watch how year 1's journey back in time develops. 

06.01.2020 - We've gone crazy over shapes this week!



The children put their knowledge and skills of 3D shapes to the test this week. They explored the properties of the shapes and investigated which shapes would be the better shapes to help a tower stand up. 

Autumn Term

Create Project


Over the Autumn term we will be focusing on our create "Do we see beauty in different ways?" We will be exploring beauty within nature and looking at how the trees, weather and behaviours of animals are effected during the seasons. As our project develops we will be answering lots of questions, generated by the children, and creating a variety of artwork to reflect our thoughts about the beauty of nature. Towards the end of our project, we will shift the learning focus to looking at beauty within one another and thinking about whether social perception influences our opinions. 

What a great start to the new school year! The children are settling in well and enjoying their new classrooms in Year 1.


Year 1 have been busy learning about the different human body parts and how they move. We had fun using each other as mannequins to help label the parts correctly. 





What an exciting morning Year 1 have had! Megan the paramedic shared her experiences of working for the NHS as a paramedic...she even brought her ambulance to show us. 

Well done to this week's children who have enjoyed Hot Chocolate Friday!


Class 4 - Lauma for being kind and showing a can do attitude.

Class 5 - Jack W for showing more confidence and independence with his writing


Magical maths in Year 1 exploring and ordering numbers.

Well done to this week's children who have

enjoyed Hot Chocolate Friday!

Class 4 - Emily for being a great role model.

Class 5 - Kyla for showing improved concentration.


Class 5 using creative adjectives to describe the swedes.

Look what has grown in Year 1 this morning! Can you guess the story?