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Class 6 & 7

Hello and WELCOME to Class 6 & 7

Year 2

Class 6 - Miss Hedges & Mrs Quant-Epps

Class 7 - Miss Matthews & Mrs Kendall

TAs - Mrs Smith & Mrs Beaver



During the summer term our PE days will be Mondays and Wednesdays. 


Please keep checking our class page for updates and our Twitter feed to see what we've been up to.

You can find out more information about what we will be learning about this term by clicking on the Project icon above.


Summer Term - Can kindness Change the World?

In the summer term we will be focussing on our EXPLORE project. This is a Geography based project. You will find our project placemat by clicking on the project icon above. Our BIG QUESTION is 'Can Kindness Change the World?' We will be learning about continents and oceans and using geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features and key human features. We will be using world maps, atlases and globes and exploring aerial photographs to recognise key features.  Can what we do as individuals change the World? This is the type of question we will explore together.


Explore - Year 2 enjoyed their virtual visitor who was live from Sri Lanka to teach them about sustainability. We learnt about solar, wind and tidal energy then made posters to tell others too.

Map skills - can we match up the map symbols to their correct labels?

Year 2 have loved being authors of their very own wishing tale stories. Here are a few photos of their published books and them sharing their stories. Enjoy!

Maths - We have been creating their own routes to follow out of chalk today. They have been using the language forward, backwards, left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Science - Year 2 have begun ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ in science today. We sorted animals into their correct habitat and then drew our own.

Virtual Visitor - Year 2 enjoyed a virtual visitor who talked to us about primates, their habitats around the world and how we can help to take care of our environments for the animals.

Explore - Year 2 have thought about the human and physical features of different continents, what the world would be like without humans and read a book called 'The Watcher'.

Maths - Year 2 have been using technology to apply their skills of positional language to direct Bee Bots, Daisy the Dinosaur, Alex and play Snakes and Ladders.

Role playing the old man from our English text and asking him questions was lots of fun!

RE Day - What is Special to You? Year 2 had a really interesting day finding out lots about religious books.

Science - Class 6 have a look what we found on our walk that was once alive, never alive or alive.

Science - Class 7 can you see what we found on our walk that was alive, once alive or never alive?

Autumn Term - Can you create the feeling of Hakuna Matata?

In the autumn term we will be launching our Create Project. Our BIG QUESTION this term is '' Our learning will focus on the arts and we will also be linking to other areas of the wider curriculum including geography, history and science! Reconnecting with one another after a long time away for some, will be a priority and our PSHE lessons will support us with well-being and that 'no worries' feeling. 

Year 2 have had a lovely morning at their Christmas party, playing lots of of Christmassy games. They have enjoyed musical statues, wrapping paper game, Christmas corners and sleeping children waiting for Santa!
We have been learning dances to African music with a coach in PE. We put all the moves we had learnt together and performed them this week. Can you guess what animal we are at the end? Go to video resource center to see them all.

Still image for this video

Africa or not Africa?

As part of our Create project we have been looking at the continent of Africa. The children were given photos of different settings and had to decide whether the picture could be found in Africa or not. Once they had sorted all the pictures the twist was revealed that all the photos were of places, people and buildings in Africa!

The Lion King

We have watched Disney's the Lion King in our create sessions and looked closely at the animals that appear in the film. We chose an animal to have a go at drawing. What do you think to our efforts?

Physical or Human Features?

We have been looking at the physical and human features of Africa. We watched a video which explained what these geographical terms meant. We then put our learning into practise and sorted photos of famous places in Africa into physical and human. 

In Maths we have been looking at place value. We used some of our resources to help make two-digit numbers. We recorded how many tens and ones were in our numbers. 

In English, we've been inspired by the story of Meerkat Mail and decided to become wonderful writers to write our own stories. The stories are all on the theme of journeys and we worked hard to plan, edit and publish our story ideas. It's been amazing to be real authors! 
Here are some pictures of us being storytellers and sharing our stories with a friend. smiley





Our science unit has been looking at animals. We have learnt the term offspring and looked at life cycles of different animals. We played a game, matching the animal to it's offspring.