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Class 6 & 7

Hello! Welcome to Class 6 & 7!

Year 2!

Class 6 – Miss Matthews and Miss Hedges

Class 7 - Mrs Price

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Smith

The children have started their journey into Year 2 well and are very excited about all the amazing things we have planned. Keep checking our class page for updates and our twitter account for regular updates on our learning journey through Year 2.

Find out what we're learning about this term by clicking on our Project icon smiley

Click below to view the year 2 presentation. Please talk to the class teachers for any further information.


Year 2 PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor).

Please tie long hair back and remove any jewellery.


We advise that PE kits are brought into school at the start of each term and then sent home on the last day of half term to be washed.


PE kits should include an indoor and outdoor kit

Indoor: white or blue t-shirt, black shorts, pumps

Outdoor: White or blue t-shirt, joggers, jumper/jacket and trainers.


Spring Term

Discover Project


Over the Spring term we will be focusing on our history based discover project with the big question, 'Does being brave make you stronger?' We will be looking at the Great Fire of London, taking part in a day dedicated to finding out more about this time in history, looking at historical figures that showed bravery and other exciting aspects to try to answer our big question.

Autumn Term

Create Project


Over the Autumn term we will be focusing on our arts based explore project with the big question, 'Can you create the feeling of Hakuna Matata?' We will be looking at African art and creating some of our own, exploring African dance and other exciting aspects to try to answer our big question.  


Miss Hedges spoke to Year 2 about her time in Kenya and visiting a Massai tribe. She learnt about how they lived and their traditions. We made a Massai tribal necklace concentrating on pattern and colour.


Namibia 1
Namibia 2
Namibia 3
Namibia 4
Namibia 5
Namibia 6
We learnt what it was like to grow up in Namibia from Aliesha's mum. She told us many stories including the one when she walked under a giraffe! The children enjoyed time to ask questions and find out more whilst sketching wooden artifacts from Namibia. 


In science, class 6 and 7 learnt about how germs can be spread and the importance of hand hygiene.

Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene 1
Hand Hygiene 2
Hand Hygiene 3
Hand Hygiene 4
Hand Hygiene 5
Hand Hygiene 6
Hand Hygiene 7

Create Project

Can you create a feeling of Hakuna Matata? Year 2 have showcased their artwork and dance talents for parents and carers.