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Class 8 & 9


Welcome to Class 8 and 9

Year 3


Class 8 - Miss McIntyre

Class 9 - Mrs Tranter

TA- Mrs Colley


The Year 3 children have made a great start back at school. We are looking forward to learning lots of great things together. Keep checking out class page for updates as well as our twitter account for regular updates on the Year 3's learning journey.

  You can find out more information about what we will be learning this term by clicking on the project icon above.

Autumn Term

Explore Project


What makes Britain Great?


Over the Autumn term, we will be focusing on our explore project which will develop the children's skills as Geographer's. Our project develops the children's understanding of the United Kingdom including countries, cities, counties, rivers, seas and mountains. We'll also be learning about the water cycle. You'll find our project placemat by clicking on the project icon above. This can be used by you to support your children with this project at home.

Autumn 1


Year 3 have been very busy this half term in Explore learning about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. They understand the difference between physical and human features and can name some examples of physical and human features in the UK such as Mount Snowdon and The Tower of London. We have been learning to use an atlas to name and locate cities in the UK and have gained an understanding of what a county is. They have begun to learn about how a compass can help us to give directions and enjoyed getting the opportunity to practise using a compass outside.


In science we have learned about rocks. The children have observed a range of different rock types and have been able to identify their names based on their properties. The children enjoyed learning about metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks and had great funs using starburst sweets to recreate the process.


As part of anti-bullying week, the children made their anti-bullying pledge and identified five people who they would go to if they had a worry or concern about bullying.


Locating cities in the UK

Leanring how to use a compass