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Commotion in the Ocean 01.02.21

Literacy Activities to support 'Commotion in the Ocean'

  •  Discuss the front cover, Ask - What is the setting? What animals do you recognise? Can you find the author and illustrators name? Where is the title? Discuss the new word 'commotion' 
  • Describe the animals on each page.
  • Re read and identify rhyming words.
  • Use the sequencing cards to order the story
  • Make masks and puppets - use to role play to introduce each character and recall language from the story
  • Look at fiction and on line documentary (see resources) to find out facts about ocean animals.
  • Play I spy - eg I spy an animal beginning with 't'  alternatively - I spy an animal with wings and it stings etc
  • Match names of animals to the picture by developing awareness of initial sounds.


Maths Activities 

  • Count the animals in the story
  • Complete the counting worksheets
  • Create your own pattern for your fish.  Look at the angel fish for an idea of repeating pattern.


Creative activities

  • Cut and make underwater scenes
  • Join in with songs (see web links)
  • Create your own sea creature
  • Make puppets and a puppet theatre to retell the story. 
  • Paint, draw, collage animals and underwater scenes
  • Make a shoe box aquarium 
  • Learn and join in with new songs including; 'Hole in the bottom of the Sea' and 'Five little Fish Song'. 


Discovery Activities 

  • Find land and water on the globe.
  • Talk about personal experience of the ocean an any ocean animals
  • Create a small world ocean with sea creatures, shells, rocks etc 
  • Make an ocean in a bottle.(see web links)
  • Explore objects that sink and float
  • Discuss taking care of the ocean and ocean animals. 
  • Watch documentaries (see web links)