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Wednesday 20th November


Year 4/5 Dodgeball


Berry Hill sent their elite dodgeball children to the School Games competition held at Manor and they were all fantastic!

It was a very competitive event but full of fun. The children were awesome. They applied all the skills and knowledge of the game from the afterschool club they had been attending and were good competitors.

Due to the nature of the sport, it can be hard to supervise the game as a referee but the Berry Hill children were very honest participants and great sports. They did the school proud.

A massive thank you to Miss Elliott and Mrs Clayton who supported the children at this event.


Wednesday 28th November


For the first time, Berry Hill entered a dodgeball competition for Year 4/5. The children have been attending the after school club to learn about the game and the skills involved.

The event was held at Manor and it was a participation event so there were no winners or losers. It was a fantastic event with all children taking part but still showing that competitive element. Even though at the end of the event there was no winner or loser the children still experienced winning games and losing which is important to experience.

The children did Berry Hill proud and represented us brilliantly. They really enjoyed the event and we will be entering it again next year!

A massive thank you to Miss Elliott and Mrs Clayton who attended the event with the children.