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Explore Project

Welcome to our Explore project, our big question is -


   Can kindness save the world?


What do you think? Have a look at the project place mat and see if you can learn some of the sticky knowledge and vital vocabulary.

Summer 2

WEEK 12    13.07.20










Week 6 Oceania      Week 7 Asia     Week 8 and 9 South America      Week 10 North America   

Week 11 Antarctica

Week 11 Antartica 06.07.20
WEEK 10      29.06.20
North America       
WEEK 9       22.06.20

What is it like to live in Brazil? 

What is the same? What is different?

WEEK 8     15.06.20
This weeks Explore Project links to our science where we are comparing the rainforest habitat with a polar one. There are good links on the plan and we recommend you have a look.   
WEEK 7     08.06.20

Week 6      01.06.20



Summer 1      

If you are new to the explore project scroll down for weeks 1-3

Week 1 Explore the UK     Week 2 Explore the World     Week 3 Famous Explorer Captain Cook



Week 4 Europe      Week 5 Africa           

Coming in summer 2

Week 6 Oceania      Week 7 Asia     Week 8 and 9 South America      Week 10 North America   

Week 11 Antarctica

Where in the World?

Tell us where you have been in the world and we will update the map with sticker dots.

Email us at and we will update the map daily. 


WEEK 5                   AFRICA


Watch this short clip and find out more about this amazing continent.
Learn all about Africa with the CBeebies Go Jetters
Discover a little more about Africa here.

Can you remember all we learnt in our create project about African animals?

Try complete the animal quiz?

Can you find Nigeria on a map of Africa?    
Find out about Nigeria on BBC Bitesize
You could create an information flag on Nigeria.
Learn about the city of Lagos here.


Watch the report about an amazing project funded by a young Nigerian girl. 




Now create your own clean up project. 

# Can kindness save the world?

Where would you clean up?  What would you protect?  How would you promote your clean up? 

WEEK 4                 EUROPE 
Watch this short clip and learn about some of the amazing places in Europe
Learn all about Europe with the Cbeebies Go Jetters
Use the information to learn all about the country of France.
Make your own information flag about France.
Can you build your own Eiffel Tower?
WEEKS 1 - 3
Week 1 

Research the UK countries capitals.

England - London

Wales - Cardiff 

Scotland - Edinburgh

Northern Ireland - Belfast


Choose which of the four capitals you would most like to visit.

Then choose an activity from the list below and email us on 


*Create a powerpoint

*Create a brochure

*Create a postcard and write to us about your trip!

*Make a tourist map with all the sites on



Here are some websites you can visit to help with your task.


Here are some photo pages of the four capitals
Here are some resources you could use
Explore the World     
Explore the world with the pirate bunnies. Learn the 7 continents and the 5 oceans of the world.

Complete an 'Around the World Hunt' at home!

Do you have a world map or jigsaw at home you could use? 

If not create labels of the 7 continents and sort items using these.

Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America and Antarctica. 

Happy Hunting.

Don't forget to share a photo of your hunt with us. 

A few extras to look at and maybe print at home. 


A map of the world


Label the 7 continents
Label the 5 oceans

Captain James Cook

The famous explorer, navigator and cartographer



This week we would like you to learn about the famous explorer Captain Cook.  

We have set you 3 tasks. Complete 1, 2 or all 3 and don't forget to send your work to us at  


1. Create an information powerpoint about Captain James Cook.

2. Create a poster to hire sailors for Captain Cooks voyage around the world.

3. Build your own HMS Endeavour and see if it can float!


Have a look at these information pages to help you with your powerpoint.
Have a look through this information to help you learn more about Captain Cook.