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During the Spring term, Year 6 will focus on a Geography-based Explore project. The children will learn more about the planet we live on, as well as some of the adventurous people who have explored it! They will develop their location knowledge, compare the physical and human features in different countries, learn about vegetation belts and biomes and apply their geographical skills to map work and field work. Our project will follow the journeys of notable explorers who have travelled the globe in all manner of ways.

Virtual Visitor in Antarctica

We were extremely fortunate to be able to have a virtual visitor all the way from Antarctica! The children spent an hour talking to a microbiologist who works in Antarctica for half of the year. We spoke to her at around 11 o'clock in the morning - which was a very early 7am for her! It was still dark where she was, so she couldn't show us what the weather was like outside, but it was a freezing -4. It's currently the Antarctic summer, so that's pretty warm compared to the winter temperatures, when it can drop to a staggering -20! The children enjoyed learning about life at the station and asked some excellent questions. They especially enjoyed hearing about her encounters with animals and seeing the pictures. 

World Biomes

To learn about the different biomes in the world and what they are like, the children worked independently through a series of information stations, writing about what made each biome unique. 

...and here are some of the finished pieces - don't they look fabulous!?

Scott of the Antarctic

We focused on the intrepid explorer, Robert Falcon Scott, who adventured all the way to the South Pole with a brave team. Unfortunately, none of them made it back home. We learnt about what the climate is like in Antarctica and why this is, identified different points in Scott's journey and thought about the challenges he and his men faced. We wrote diary entries from different points of the journey, trying to imagine what the explorers were thinking and feeling.

To help us to understand the imaginary lines of latitude and longitude, we created our own globes on balloons!