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Forest Schools In Spring

Forest School in Spring

In forest school we have been having fun and learning about safety and team work. We follow the forest school rules to stay safe and listen to what we are told. 
We had a visitor to our circle who left mounds of earth where it had been digging tunnels. We see these in other areas of the school too. Some children had a go at making their own tunnels. We are already seeing buds on trees and have been looking for signs of spring. 
The fairies left us a gift after we tied fairy kisses to their borders. The children have been trying to tie knots and making wands, flags and even letters of their names. 

More Forest School Adventures

Hanging around, digging, making shapes with sticks, building dens and mud kitchen baking. 

The children have loved the hammocks being out and have learnt how to safely use a spade. 

The 5 rules of Forest School.

Stay Safe, Teamwork, Ask Questions, Listen Well and Have Fun.

The children follow the rules at forest school today and every day. 

Easter Fun at Forest School

Today Mrs B told the story of The Hare, Spring and Mother Earth. The hare was poor but he gave all he had to Mother Earth as a thank you gift. In return for his generosity she gave hare the gift of having 2 children in springtime. The children loved the puppets. 

The Easter hare left all the children a little thank you gift at the end of todays session.