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Have a go at some of these grammar activities. We will add new ones weekly. The answers are on the final page!
Summer 2

Week 7 13.07.20

Consolidating commas and conjunctions

Week 6 06.07.20

 Consolidation of Sentence Types 

Week 5 29.06.20

Week 4 22.06.20

Consolidating Conjunctions

Week 3 15.06.20

Consolidating Nouns and Verbs

Week 2 08.06.20

Consolidating Punctuating Sentences

Week 1 01.06.20

Consolidating Apostrophes
Summer 1

Week 5 18.05.20


Singular/Plural Adding -s -es

Week 4 11.05.20
Week 3 (04.05.20)

Adding suffixes -less and -ful

This week we are going to practise adding the suffixes -less and -ful.

Have a go at the suffix demonstrations and games with Connie.               

Now practise adding the suffixes -less and -ful