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HOMEWORK UPDATE: We now have an email address for the children to email their electronic homework to their class teachers. Please make sure the email contains the child’s name and the name of their class teacher.

Introduction to Phonics 

Throughout the year the children learn phonics through daily teaching of 'Letters and Sounds'.


Each week your child will build on their listening skills and learn which letters (graphemes) make which sounds (phonemes).

Initially the letters are taught in sets and are referred to by their phoneme rather than the letters name.  This stage is referred to as 'Phase 2 Phonics' 

Set 1 - s, a, t, p   Set 2 - i, n, m, d   

Set 3 - g, o, c, k   Set 4 - ck, e, u, r 

Set 5 - h, b, f /ff, l / ll, ss

As your child learns the sets of letters they begin to blend the phonemes (sounds) together to read words eg p- a- t (pat), p- a- n (pan) s-a-ck (sack) h-u-ff (huff) etc 

By the end of phase 2 phonics your child will be able to recall all of the above phonemes and apply them to read and spell words.


As your child becomes confident in applying their knowledge of the letter sets above they move onto 'Phase 3 Phonics'.

Set 6 - j, v, w, x      Set 7- y, z/zz, qu

Children then learn the names of letter by singing the alphabet.

They learn digraphs and trigraphs - ie two or three letters that go together to make one phoneme eg sh = two letters but one sound (phoneme) sh-i-p, igh = three letters but one sound (phoneme) n-igh-t. 


Each week your child will bring home an information letter (usually on a Friday) to explain their stage of learning and how you could support at home.


If you have any questions regarding phonics or how to help at home please ask. 



High Frequency Words 'Phase 2'

High Frequency Words 'Phase 3'

Tricky Words.  

These words are learnt a 'sight words' and are remembered rather than 'blended'. 


Phoneme Flash cards used in class


15th NOVEMBER 2018