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Homework / School closure

School Closure activities and information 


Throughout the school closure information, activities and websites will be added to the webpage to support home learning. 

In addition to the information below, please scroll down and click on the stars to see weekly books topics and activities that you might like to enjoy at home.


Daily Activities to support learning.

Within Nursery children learn through rich learning opportunities. You can support your child throughout the school closure by providing indoor and outdoor activities

Engaging and talking with your child develops their speech, language and listening skills. Modelling and encouraging Characteristics for Effective Learning including, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and resilience underpins successful learning from an early age and throughout life.

Within nursery, alongside activities which children choose to engage in, they also take part in small adult/ teacher led learning sessions. You can replicate these at home through setting aside 10 mins daily to:

  • Share stories or non-fiction books.
  • Count, recognise and ordering numbers.
  • Use pencils to develop an accurate pencil grip.
  • Phonics -develop listening skills and build an awareness of letters and sounds.
  • Physical Activities - eg Dancing, yoga, daily walks, activities in the garden. 


Within nursery children develop their listening skills in readiness for learning and applying their knowledge of letters and sounds.

The children in 'Pebbles' and 'Starfish' groups will be leaving nursery in July 2020 and have been working in small groups to:

  • Recognise sets of phonemes (letter sounds).
  • Orally blend three letter words.
  • Begin to blend sounds to read written words.
  • Begin to 'robot talk' to hear the individual sounds in simple three letter words.
  • Begin to form letters accurately 
  • Begin to write words using taught phonemes. 
  • Learn to sight read 'tricky' words.


Powerpoints to show the letter sets and provide information on how to support your child have been added to our class webpage.

REMEMBER - All children work differently and everyone's home situations are different so how fast to work through the phonemes varies for each child.  I would advise that you take a letter at a time eg 1 a day and use your judgement as to how fast you move through letter recognition and the application of phonics when reading & spelling.

Support for Teaching Phonics - Phase 3 letter sets

Phoneme mat with pictures and phonemes.

Support for Teaching Letter Formation 

Reading Phase 2 Tricky Words

'Tricky words' are words that the children learn to recognise by sight.  At this stage of learning some words cannot be blended phonetically and have to just be remembered. 

Phase 2 words: I, to, no, go, the, into.

The flashcards to print off and practise recall are attached.  

You could help your child by playing 'spot the tricky words' when reading and sharing books. 

Phase 2 Tricky Words

Useful Websites:

A popular and fun website!

Note - This may open on internet explorer rather than google chrome. 

If your child has knowledge of letters & sounds, this website provides opportunities to practise blending to read simple words.  Once you have blended and read the words they are then sorted into 'real and 'silly' words by dragging the word to the right character.

There are some free resources and interactive games.

Select Phase 2 Phonics.  Free interactive games include:

'Dragon's Den' 

'Picnic on Pluto',

'Buried Treasure'. 

This has now been set up to support children during school closures - No need to subscribe, resources are now Free!  

username: march20  Password: home

Support for teaching Number

Resources to support number

Useful websites:



Counting songs and rhymes

PE at Home (Joe Wickes)

PE coach Joe Wickes does daily PE lessons at home for children. 

Click on his link to find out more.

Yoga at Home

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Daily activities and timetable to support children aged 3-5yrs. 

'Twinkl Home Learning Hub' provides new ideas everyday. 

Some resources are free, other require a subscription.


Useful Websites


School Easter Competition