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The development of reading is supported though many opportunities for sharing books and provision of activities to support the children's engagement with texts.  Reading in nursery consists of two dimensions. Language Comprehension - Listening to, discussing and joining in with re telling stories, rhymes and discussing non fiction texts. Reading words - nursery children begin to recognise that print has meaning and is read from left to right. Children begin to orally blend sounds and make links between letters and sounds.  


Within nursery the development of writing is supported through creating opportunities for children to manipulate and enjoy using writing and mark making tools including paint brushes, crayons, chalks etc. As children engage with activities they develop a comfortable grip and begin to use pencils with control. Alongside developing the phonological awareness in reading, children begin to link letters and phonemes and apply to their writing. Children are taught accurate formation of letters and practise using large movements eg drawing in the air, tracing over patterns & letter shapes and applying skills to write their name.