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Maths Activities

The White Rose Maths Hub is releasing a free daily maths lesson complete with video activities and answers. These lessons can be recorded in the exercise book which your child has brought home from school. 

The link to access these resources is: 

You can also find the activities and lessons in this folder along with this document.

Week Commencing 18/05/20 - Week 5

Compare length and height

Measure length

Measure length (2)

Introduce weight and mass

Week Commencing 11/05/20 - Week 4

Add by making 10

Subtract within 20

Add and subtract worded problems

Compare number sentences

Links to lessons

Week Commencing - 04/05/20 - Week 3

Part whole relationships number bonds

Fact families - Linking addition and subtraction

Add together and find a part

Add more and count on within 20

Summer term

Week Commencing 27/04/20 - Week 2

Find a half

Find a quarter (1)

Find a quarter (2)

Problem solving


Week Commencing 20/4/20 - Week 1

Make doubles

Make equal groups (grouping)

Make equal groups (sharing)

Find half

Week 1 W/C 23.03.20

Lesson 1 - Introduce weight and mass

Lesson 2 - Measure mass

Lesson 3 - Compare mass

Lesson 4 - Introduce capacity and volume

Lesson 5 - Measure capacity


Week 2 - W/C 30.03.20

Lesson 1 - Compare Capacity

Lesson 2 - Count in 10's

Lesson 3 - Make equal groups

Lesson 4 - Add equal groups

Lesson 5 - Make arrays