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Football News

Friday 17th November 2017

Year 5/6 Football – Virtual League

It was the second fixture of the Virtual League competition against St Edmunds and we were coming into this match with confidence as we had a fantastic win last week. The match was played on Astroturf which can make it tricky if you are not used to how the surface plays. So a slight advantage to the home team.

It took the players time to adapt to the surface as it was slippery and quick. Once Berry Hill had found their feet, we started to dominate. Ethan worked hard to win the ball in the centre of the pitch and followed up with perfect through balls for our wingers Joshua and Finley. These boys were not shy to run at the defenders and pass or cross the ball to Charlie who had efforts blocked. The opposition had a defender who was like a wall and challenged for everything! He was magnificent. To make it even more difficult, their goalkeeper was exceptional (who we voted man of the match).

But we had a solid defence of our own. William and Campbell committed to challenges and often beat the strikes to the ball. Well done. Campbell went on an attack of his own and managed to win a free kick on the edge of their area. Campbell, the captain, took the responsibility and stepped up. He shot with power and the keeper had no chance. What a strike! 1-0.

Not long after, Ethan had a strike from a distance and it was just over! Another super effort. He is getting closer to his first goal for school. We gained another free-kick on the edge of the area. Charlie wanted this. Another great strike, but the keeper managed to tip it onto the bar and go for a corner.

From a Berry Hill attack, St Edmunds cleared the ball and caught us on the break. It was a 3 on 1 chance and they took it. 1-1 at half time.

The second half started and St Edmunds played more direct. The goal keeper had a huge kick on him. He kicked it and it bounced just before our defence and the bounce went over our defenders where their striker was waiting. However, Kamran came off his line to put pressure on him and forced the shot wide. Believe it or not, this happened again a couple minutes later. Berry Hill was on the back foot!

However, the midfield really stepped it up a gear. Sonny was making some big tackles in midfield. Very big tackles! Then running at defenders. It was exciting to watch. Ashton matched this and was consistently running up and down the right hand side to attack and defend. He was quick and made it hard for their defenders. He had a couple of chances but could not beat their keeper.

Harry had never played defence before but he gave it a go for the team. He made some excellent tackles and was calm and collected when he won the ball and consistently put the pressure back on to the home team.

There were 5 minutes left on the clock and Ethan played the ball down the left hand side where Joshua beat a player to put a cross in. Ashton met the cross and had a shot but was blocked… by a HAND! PENALTY! The captain again, took responsibility. He placed the ball on the spot and waited patiently for the whistle to blow. Campbell stepped up and drove the ball hard into the roof of the goal! There was an enormous roar from the crowd and the Berry Hill players. 2-1.

Berry Hill fought hard for the last 5 minutes and managed to hold out! Another win for the team! A great game. Entertaining, tense and stressful but a great game.

Undefeated in 3 games.

Result: 2 – 1 Berry Hill

Man Of the Match: Sonny