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Nottingham Trent University Visit

Nottingham Trent University Visit – 23.03.18

On Friday 23rd March, a very lucky group of children were invited to take part in an Enrichment Day at Nottingham Trent University at their Clifton Campus.

During the day, the children worked with the students, who are training to be teachers, and took part in lots of creative and interesting art and DT activities.

The art tasks focused on sewing. The children learned how to sew some really tricky stitches and were able to design and make their own house or Easter egg!

The DT activities were all about movement and forces. Some children had to work out how to use wheels and elastic bands to make a model car move and at the end of the session they had a race to see whose ideas had worked the best! The other group of children worked together to make a flying trapeze game where they had to work out how to use elastic bands and wheels to connect to the handle to make their character flip over!

The children all said that they really enjoyed both the art and the DT activities and I could tell that they were having a wonderful time. They were all fully engaged in the tasks, listening to the students, following instructions and really being Berry Hill role models!

The children were also able to experience a bit of what university life is like during their lunch break when they were taken on a tour of the campus and shown some of the amazing facilities such as a lecture theatre, the library, the sports centre, the new science and technology building and the halls of residence blocks. They were also treated to lunch in the student cafeteria which most of the children said was the highlight of their day!

The whole day was marvellous and we are all really grateful to have been able to take part in it. Thank you to Mr Ashton at Abbey Primary School for making the arrangements and for inviting us to join in. All of the children said that they would love to go again next year if another visit is organised and I agree! The children that took part in the visit this year behaved absolutely wonderfully. They were a credit to themselves and to our school and I was extremely proud of them all!