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Week 8 - 20.07.20

It is our last week in year 1 and also looking at our project. This week we would like you to get creative. Think about the country that you have been researching. Are there any famous landmarks? Different animals? Famous places? You can be as creative as you like making your own interpretation. Paint or draw a picture, make a box model, use clay/playdough to make a model, use lego - the choice is entirely yours! Have fun and remember to send in your wonderful creations.

Week 6/7 - 06.07.20/13.07.20
This week and next, as part of our project we are going to be comparing the places that your explorer travelled to, to the UK. Think about food, population, transport weather etc. We will also be using the time to compete in our virtual sports day and also our transition days. Don't forget to send your pictures in to earn points for your house teams. Head to The Virtual Sports Day folder in the class page to find out about all of the activities you could compete in.. 
This week we are looking at explorers past and present. Looking at their lives and their travels. Choose one of the explorers, research and present your findings in any way that you decide. It could be a diary entry, a painting, a PowerPoint or anything else that you can think of. Use your imagination! Choose carefully as we will be doing more work on your chosen explorer over the next couple of weeks!