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During the Autumn term, Year Six focused on a history-based Discover project. Throughout the term we explored our big question: What is right?

The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings will form the backbone of our learning and the source of much of our sticky knowledge, but we will also explored our question through other curriculum areas, such as Science and in the life of instrumental scientists like palaeontologist Mary Anning. We will discover how earlier civilisations survived and thrived, and learn about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking struggle for Britain.


As part of our project, we will discover how the Vikings lived, how they travelled – and how they earned their formidable reputation. We will debate whether or not their violent reputation was deserved, how our perception of history can be influenced by the sources we read, and why accounts of an event can differ wildly depending on the perspective of the author.


We will question what is right in society today and who has the power to make this decision. We will challenge our views and opions and adapt our thinking.