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Autumn 1 Project (3rd Sept - 16th Oct) 

This half term Nursery Children are introduced to the 'Take Care' ethos fostered throughout the school. The Nursery 'Take Care Bears' are used to support teaching and learning with reference to the 'Take Care' paw print.  




Weekly Texts

Throughout the Autumn Term the introduction of 'Take Care Bears' leads into our project 'Bears'.

Weekly texts are explored and learning opportunities are linked across the seven areas of the curriculum.


Our final week's text is selected with the children. Activities and learning experiences are planned to complement the text. 



Autumn Term 1 Texts:

7th Sept - Brown Bear, Brown Bear what can you see? - Bill Martin, ,Jr.

14th Sept - Were Going on a Bear Hunt - Micheal Rosen

21st Sept - Can't you Sleep Little Bear? - Martin Waddell

28th Sept -This is the Bear - Sarah Hayes

5th Oct Goldilocks and the Three Bears 


12th Oct - Children's choice.  Room on the Broom - Julia Donaldson 


Autumn 2 Project (2nd Nov - 18th Dec)

'Special Days'

This half term our project is 'Special Days'.  Children learn about different celebrations, share experiences and celebrate diversity. Special Days incorporate learning about Bonfire Night, Remembrance, Children in Need, Birthdays, Hanukkah and Christmas. 

Weekly Texts

Weekly texts support learning about 'Special Days'. The daily provision incorporates activities and learning experiences linked to the project and texts.

Autumn Term 2 Special Days & Texts:

2nd Nov - Bonfire Night. Texts - Remember, Remember the Fifth of November (Deborah Web),  It was a Cold, Dark Night (Tim Hopgood).

9th Nov - Children in Need & Remembrance Day.

16th Nov - Text- Elmer (David McKee).  Within the Text a 'Special Day' is set aside to celebrate individuality.

23rd Nov - Birthdays. Texts - Sonny's Birthday Prize ( Lisa Stubbs), Spot's Birthday Party ( Eric Hill), Worried Arthur The Birthday Party ( Joan Stimson) 

30th Nov - Christmas - Texts - The Christmas Story Stickman (Julia Donaldson)

7th Dec - Christmas

14th Dec - Hanukkah

Spring Term 1 2021 - Traditional Tales

Weekly Texts:

4th Jan - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

11th Jan - The Three Little Pigs

18th Jan - The Little Red Hen 

25th Jan - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

1st Feb - The Gingerbread Man 

8th Feb - The Runaway Pancake