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Rumble in the Jungle 22.02.21

Project - Animals 

Jungle Animals

Text - Rumble in the Jungle


Literacy Activities to support 'Rumble in the Jungle' 

  • Look at and discuss the front cover - What animals can you see? What is the setting? Can you find the title and the authors name?  
  • Read the title and discuss what you know about the jungle 
  • Can you think of any other jungle animals that might be in the story? 
  • Listen / read together. Listening and joining in with the rhyming words
  • Practise describing an animal at a time.
  • Encourage descriptive vocabulary. Open the book on a page or use images (in resources). Describe an animal - eg Play I spy.  eg I spy an animal that begins with a 'r'  It is big, strong and tough. It has skin that is baggy.  Who do I spy? 
  • Cut out and sequence the characters as you go through the jungle.
  • Select an animal and use non fiction and the internet to find out facts.
  • Can you find where African animals live using a globe.  If you visited the jungle what would you see, hear, feel, smell? What plants and flowers grow in the jungle? What is the weather like?
  • Make masks and wear them as you introduce yourself eg I'm a gazelle.  I can leap, run and gallop. - can you use actions to demonstrate your character?  Can you change the tone of your voice to suit the different animals. 
  • Ask an adult to write the names of the animals.  Can you hear the initial sounds. Using the initial sound can you match the word to the animal.
  • Read/ listen to additional stories about jungle animals.  eg  Elmer, Giraffes Can't Dance, The Lion who wanted to Love, Monkey Puzzle...
  • Develop pencil control - following paths or lines to draw animals (resources) 


Maths Activities:

  • Count the animals in the story
  • Create different senarios around the animals to encourage counting, adding, subtracting and matching amounts to numbers. Eg 8 animals having fun one day, 2 were hungry and they went away.  How many are left?  4 animal basking in the sun called for another 1 to join the fun. How many are basking in the sun?
  • Look at and describe patterns on animals eg striped zebra, spotty leopard, diamonds on the snake.  Discuss repeating patterns of two colours or two shapes. 
  •  Cut out lengths of paper for snakes and design your own pattern.  You could use crayons or print with paints, Can you make different repeating patterns?
  • Count and record using the worksheets in resources.
  • Learn and perform counting songs eg 5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head ...
  • Five little elephants balancing, step by step on a piece of string...


Creative Activities:

  • Use different materials such as - fabric, paper, sticks, leaves etc to create a textured collage jungle picture.
  • Make masks - act out the story. Move creatively for different animals.
  • Listen to and learn jungle songs - eg Animal Boogie & Walking through the Jungle (see web links) 
  • Colour, draw and paint animals and jungle pictures
  • Paper chain snakes - can you make the patterns repeat?
  • Milk carton elephants.  Can you make a patchwork pattern, like Elmer or Wilbur? 



In addition:

Phonics & Handwriting Activities and ways to support at home can be found by clicking on and browsing the 'Handwriting' and 'Phonics' folders.