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Special Needs Information Report

Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disability Provision at our school


Berry Hill Primary and Nursery School is a mainstream school who strive to provide the best learning opportunities for all children. Our core values promote an inclusive school community. We recognise that all children are individuals who have different learning needs and we work hard to ensure all children are given the right balance of support and challenge.


 How does our school identify and assess SEN?


Our SENCO co-ordinates SEND provision, liaising with parents, pupils, school staff and specialist advisors from the Local Authority and Health Service.


There are clear guidelines set out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014, which indicates what are considered Special Educational Needs, and as a school we work closely with these guidelines when identifying children with SEN.


Throughout the school, we continually monitor and assess the progress of all our children. We track the progress of children, and where expected progress is not being made, steps and interventions are put in place to support areas of need. We also work closely with our local pre-schools and previous schools to identify any Special Educational Needs children may have prior to them joining us, in order to ensure they receive the correct support from the start.


How accessible is our school?


We strive to ensure that all activities and equipment are accessible to all children, parents/carers and visitors to our school


Reasonable adjustments have been made to improve accessibility for all.


Our school site is wheelchair accessible including a stair lift to ensure access to the school hall .There are disabled toilet facilities including space to accommodate changing. Risk assessments and safe systems of work are in place to ensure the safety of all children and staff.


The communication needs of our school community is supported with the use of symbols, Makaton signing and Braille where appropriate.