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Sports Hall Athletics

Sports Hall Athletics Wednesday 14th February 2018

Berry Hill attended another Mansfield School Games event and this time we competed in the Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics. We took a total of 22 children, however, not just any children! These children had been attending the after school sports hall athletics club and had been training very hard for this event!

The children were very excited and we had great support from parents and carers! The place was full and a tight squeeze but the atmosphere was fantastic.

There were 7 other schools that attended and all looked determined to win and give it their best.

The event started with some track events. We had the obstacle relay, over and under relay and the 1 + 1 lap hurdle. The children gave it their best and we came out strong in these events. There was great support from the team, screaming and shouting, it was superb!

Followed by this, we had the field events all held at the same time around the hall. All the children had a go at an activity. We had to compete in, chest push, standing long jump, vertical jump, five strides, speed bounce and javelin. The children did an excellent job as they had to independently find their event around the hall and patiently wait in line for their go. They came back confident and proud as they all gave their best.

After this event, we had a quick drinks break and were ready to continue with the rest of the track events, the relays. We had the, 1 x 1 lap relay, 2 x 2 lap relay and the 4 x 1 lap relay. Even though we were coming to the end of the afternoon we carried on supporting and cheering our team on and the team gave their best in their events.

Once these events were completed, we gathered in teams to find out the results. We did not come out winners, but the children still enjoyed the experience and we were very proud of them. The children were very nervous for the event but they overcome their fears and took part which was fantastic and they all said they would do it again!

Well done Berry Hill Primary!

A huge thank you to the supporters. We all had sore throats the next day from all the shouting! Another thank you to the Mansfield School Games team for organising the event. It ran very smoothly and the children loved it. We will be attending next year!

Mr Wright

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