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Please click on the link to our phonics to page read information about how we teach phonics.


This page can also be accessed directly on the Curriculum tab on our website. 


Children in the Nursery will mainly focus on listening and attention games to ensure these skills are developed. When they are ready, they will then begin the more formal stages of Phase 1 phonics, such as oral blending (being able to hear sounds eg: c-a-t and work out what word has been said) and oral segmenting (being able to say all the sounds in a whole word eg: splitting the word cat into c-a-t). 


Try the listening activities to support teaching phase 1 phonics Tuning into Sounds

Letters of the alphabet

Children in nursery start to become familiar with letters of the alphabet. 

Rather than referring to the letter by its name, children are taught the phoneme (sound) for each letter.  This enables children to make connections with letters and oral blending eg saying each sound c - a - t then blending the sound to say cat. 

The letter cards displayed in nursery are taken from DfES letters & Sounds phonics programme.

Attached are the packs of phoneme cards. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY USE THE 26 LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET. NOT THE DIGRAPHS eg sh, ch etc which are also included in packs below.  These are used in Foundation 2 and Yr1.

Although many cards are attached, only the 26 alphabet sounds are referred to and displayed in nursery.

Phase 2 phonics

Once children become confident in tuning into hearing sounds, they begin to be taught the sounds (phonemes) that letters make. 

DfES Letters & Sounds put the letters into sets 1-7,  so that simple words can be made with each set. 

The Power Point below has been put together to provide information and support to parents/ carers on the sequence of teaching and activities to support learning of phonemes at home.  

Handwriting - The PowerPoint provides information for formation and wording used in nursery