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What a fantastic morning we had at The Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre for the Key Stage 2 Swimming Gala 2019.

Our children were a delight to spend the morning with. They showed such a wonderful, supportive team spirit that led us well on the way to success…we won the gala with 119 points!

Every single one of them gave their all and swam their hardest to earn as many points as they could for the team. It was brilliant to hear them cheering each other on as well as the encouraging cheers from the balcony which was full of lots of familiar faces…thank you for your support!

The team should be so proud of their winning medals and trophy. We are incredibly proud of all of the swimmers and thank them for representing our school so brilliantly. We’re already looking forward to next time…!


Swimming Gala – Tuesday 13th February 2018

A BIG congratulations to all of our Key Stage 2 swimming squad who took part in the 2018 swimming gala!

The gala took place on Tuesday 13th February 2018 and was held at the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre.

Our squad of 18 children took part in lots of races against other schools and were very competitive in the water. They raced well and picked up points for our team with every race that they swam.

The children worked really hard to swim their best for our school and there were a few tired faces on the return bus journey back to school!

A huge thank you to Mrs Hammond and Mrs Bexon for helping to look after the children down at the poolside. Another thank you also goes out to all of the spectators who came along to support the children and the school. It was lovely to look up to the balcony and see so many proud faces and to hear their shouts of encouragement!

Well done everyone, a 3rd place finish with 120 points = a very proud Mrs Kendall and Mrs Gascoigne!