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The Magic Porridge Pot 25.01.21

Project -Traditional Tales 

Text - 'The Magic Porridge Pot' 

Literacy Activities to support 'The Magic Porridge Pot' :

  • Listen to the story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot' 
  • Discuss the features of the front cover ie title, illustration. Discuss the setting and the characters.
  • As you read/ listen to the story pause periodically to discuss events ad new vocabulary. 
  • Encourage joining in with repeated language 
  • Sequence pictures or use puppets to retell the story.
  • Re-tell the story with new characters - create a different food for the cooking pot eg stringy, saucy spaghetti , curly, crunchy, fries ...
  • Look at the words in the story - model reading from left to right.  Are there any familiar letters can you spot?  Some children are beginning to recognise the sight words that we call 'tricky words' - I to no go the into.  Can you see any of these words as you look through the book?


Maths Activities : 

  • Make porridge - weighing and measuring ingredients 
  • Make oat play dough . Use your teddies at home to have a tea party - use mathematical language as you count and compare sizes.  Use different shaped cutters eg circles, triangles etc.  Maybe, make a dough pizza - cut into halves and quarters, compare sizes are they equal?
  • Complete the addition counting & recording worksheet (in resources).


Creative Activities: 

  • Make puppets to retell the story
  • Make clay or dough cooking pots 
  • Paint/ draw/ colour characters and scenes from the story.


In addition:

Phonics & Handwriting Activities and ways to support at home can be found by clicking on and browsing the 'Handwriting' and 'Phonics' folders.