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The Three Little Pigs 11.01.21

Project -Traditional Tales. 


Text - 'The Three Little Pigs' 


Literacy Activities to support 'The Three Little Pigs'

  • Introduce the text - Look at front cover , discuss features ie title, illustration - characters & setting. From looking at the front cover, share ideas of what the text might be about.
  •  Explain that traditional stories are very old stories that were originally told rather than read. 
  • Explain that stories with the same title may differ yet have many similarities.
  • Stories often begin with 'once upon a time and end with ' They lived happily ever after'.
  • Stop periodically to discuss how the characters might be feeling and predict what might happen next. 
  • Encourage your child to join in with the retelling - using repetitive phrases.
  • Sequence the events from the story (using sequence cards) and retell using story language and encourage different expression for the characters. 
  • Use props to retell the story.
  • Develop role play - imagine you are the little pig or the big bad wolf. 
  • Make a list - draw/ begin to write, all the things you would put into your satchel if you were a little pig leaving home - eg toothbrush, tail straighteners, sandwiches etc 


Maths Activities:

NOTE -In addition to the linked activities please see the 'Maths Folder' for other ideas. 

  • Use the counting worksheet to count and record characters
  • Use language first, second, third
  • Use positional language to describe where characters are, in font, behind, between, on, under, in ...

Creative Activities:

  • Masks - paper plates
  • Puppets 
  • Make houses of different materials
  • Paint, draw, colour
  • Make papier mashe pigs
  • Create a story map to retell the story
  • Take part in role play.  Act out with family - take roll of different characters and using expression- maybe add instruments to support your story, eg tap wooden spoons together for that patter of the little pigs feet as they run away...
  • Use a shoe box to make a little pigs house
  • Build houses from different materials
  • Print & colour cards to sequence events in the story
  • Make split pin characters


In addition:

Phonics & Handwriting Activities and ways to support at home can be found by clicking on and browsing the 'Handwriting' and 'Phonics' folders.