Berry Hill Primary & Nursery School

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Who's Who

Meet the staff at Berry Hill Primary & Nursery School.


Head Teacher

Mrs Hill

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Quant-Epps

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Price


Mrs Collins


Office Manager

Mrs Callinan

Administration Team

Mrs Banton

Mrs Salter


Site Manager

Mr Dallman


Nursery Teachers

Mrs Day – Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Woods


Foundation Stage Teachers

Mrs Hedges

Mrs Snowden


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Miller

Mrs Tranter


Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Kendall

Mrs Price – Key Stage 1 Leader


Year 3 Teachers

Miss Senior

Mr Wright


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Durham

Miss Matthews

Mrs Stirling-Wood


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Davis

Miss McIntyre


Year 6 Teachers

Mr Bell – Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs Jones

Mrs Quant-Epps


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bettison

Mrs Beaver

Mrs Burton-Wallace

Mrs Clayton

Mrs Colley

Mrs Comery

Miss Elliott

Mrs Gascoigne

Mrs Green-Wright

Miss Highfield

Mrs Hogg

Mr Jenkins

Mrs Meakin

Mrs Radford

Mrs Smith

Mrs Tomsett

Miss Woods


Extended Services

Mrs Brown



Midday Supervisors

Mrs Amphlett

Mrs Bird

Mrs Boam (senior MDS)

Miss Buxton

Mrs Eyley

Mrs Guest

Mrs Jones

Mrs Moore

Mrs Palmer

Mrs Rule


Supply MDS

Miss Kirby

Mrs Euerby

Mrs Smith