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Working Towards Investors in Pupils

We are working towards Investors in Pupils

What is Investors in Pupils?


It is all about the children taking control of their own learning. They will be finding out about resources in school including how much they cost and where the money comes from to buy them. They will develop a deeper understanding of the staff in the school and the role that they play. Much of the award is based around their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. Each classroom will have a display to help keep the children focused.

Class Charters

The children discussed and decided upon their own class charters at the start of the year. They thought carefully about what they wanted their classroom to be like and linked these to the five key themes of Investors in Pupils – Attendance, Learning, Classroom Management, Behaviour and Induction. The class charters are displayed in their classrooms.

Induction Books

Each class has made an induction book to help new children or staff to understand what happens in their classroom. The children decided upon the important information to include, and they have all contributed to it.

Class Targets

At the start of every half term each class decide upon a target and a reward. Each class has been working very hard to achieve their whole class target and earn their reward. Deciding on a class target has helped the children to work as a team and understand what they need to do to improve and take responsibility for their own progress.

Target setting

Children throughout school have regularly reviewed targets that are personal to them. These are displayed within their classes.


All children have attended assemblies to learn all about the staff and their jobs. School council have interviewed the staff, and they discovered about the skills that they all bring to our school community. You can find out about everyone on our Who’s Who page.


The children understand the importance of good attendance and how it affects their learning. The children have set their own attendance goal of 97%. An attendance trophy is given out to Key Stages each week for the best class.