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Year 3 & 4 Football

Friday 18th May 2018

Year 3 / 4 Football

The 3/4 football team have been constantly asking for some friendly fixtures and they finally had one! Berry Hill vs King Edward.

The team had a super start and the game was even. Omari and Mason in defence made some great tackles to keep the attackers out. On the odd occasion at the start they got past but Ewan made some outstanding saves in goal.

Liam W was excellent throughout the game as he made some strong tackles. He was not shy to put himself about and make his presence known. Ben showed some great skills to get us down the other end of the pitch and let some shots go but went wide.

King Edward however, kept putting on the pressure and their skilful striker started to find his way through to goal to score. He kept showing these skills and scored a few more.

At half time the Berry Hill team were told to keep their heads up as there was a long way to go. They needed to put the smile back on their faces and keep fighting!

That is exactly what they did. Lincoln took his role of captain and showed his strength and skills in midfield. He had a shot from a distance and beat the keeper! Mason tried a spell on the wing and he did an amazing job. He showed some amazing skill and got stuck in! Tyler went in goal for the second half and he pulled some amazing saves. There were some saves perfect for the camera! Great dives.

Ewan went into defence with Omari and they were solid! They were letting nothing past and were clearing everything that came at them. Berry Hill were a lot more competitive and the smiles were back on their faces. Aymen was making some great sliding tackles to win the ball back for the team.

Ben managed to get a goal which we deserved. Liam W put an amazing ball into the box and Jacob was an inch short of getting a toe on it to score. Jacob was fantastic as he was always finding space and managed to get an assist.

We were unlucky to get a penalty as Laylon was fouled in the box. That did not stop Laylon however, he got back up and kept on going.

The final whistle blew and the victory went to a very good King Edward team.

However, the Berry Hill team grew into the game very well. It was their first game together and there were so many positives to take away. This side is only going to get stronger with the more games they have. So I had better get on the phone! Mr Jenkins and I are looking forward to the potential we have here at the school.


Mr Wright